The History of Online Gambling

history of online casino gambling

Casinos and gambling have been around for centuries. The traditional round-table poker games and roulette have been around for ages and have only grown in popularity over time. With the advent of the internet, players started shifting from physical casinos as online casinos came into being. These Online Cricket Betting ID offered players unmatched convenience and ease of playing online within the comfort of their rooms, and this made them a brilliant option for people who were in search of innovative ways to play online. Today, we are taking a look at the history of online casino gambling and how it has reached its current state. You can find more information about online gambling on this site.

The Beginning

In the mid-90s the internet began to take over the world. As the internet became more accessible to people around the world, there was a tendency for different businesses to expand their models to incorporate this new domain. Naturally, the gambling world saw an opportunity to build a new market within the confines of the internet. Thus, online casinos were born.

The earliest online casinos were established in countries like Barbuda and Antigua. The Free Trade Act of these countries allowed casinos to operate without paying large amounts as taxes. Soon after, multiple other countries joined Antigua and Barbuda in allowing online casinos to conduct their operations and started issuing gambling licenses to these casinos. It led to the formal establishment of the online gambling industry.

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The Boom

During the mid-90s and the period immediately after, more than a dozen online casinos were open to players around the world. Before the turn of the century, more than two hundred online casinos were seen in the online gambling landscape. There was a wide range of casinos, poker venues, and sports betting sites before the year 2000 accounting for the boom in the online casino industry.

The Big Players

Some of the big players who entered the game first were InterCasino and Microgaming. InterCasino started its operations in late 1995 to early 1996 period and continues to provide an excellent selection of online games for players to this day.

Microgaming is considered by some sources to be the first online casino in the world, starting its operations in 1994. It has since led to the development of hundreds of high-quality games over the years.

The Current State of Affairs

Online gambling has become one of the largest sources of revenue for the countries where it is allowed legally. As this industry has grown, so have the rules and regulations governing it, which has led to tighter control over what is and isn’t allowed. Although online gambling is at the peak of its popularity, the issue of legality is a pressing one.

Multiple countries have banned online gambling. Some allow online casinos to operate in selective areas of the country. A prime example of this is the United States, where online gambling is only legal in the state of New Jersey.

The strict regulations have prompted the players to look for international legal casinos where the rules are more lax, and they can play with more independence. These casinos are available all over the world and most are not covered by Gamstop.

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