The Most Important Attributes to Look for in a Rehab Center

Rehab Center

On average, 44,000 people die a year from a drug overdose, making it the number one cause of injury-related death.

And that’s with over 14,000 rehab centers across America.

Each rehab center is different, full of different people from different walks of life. So it is incredibly important to find the right rehab center for you, but with 14,000 choices, it’s a lot to pick from. Here are a couple of important attributes everyone should be aware of to find the perfect center and improve your chances of success.

A Rehab Center for the People

First and foremost, the facility must prioritize its patients. Addiction centers have not always had the best motives as some centers revolve around maximizing profit instead of maximizing results. To avoid centers like these, make sure to:

  • Check staff credentials. Recovery programs should only be handled and run by accredited professionals
  • Check testimonials and reviews. The best way to get honest information is to speak with those who have been there
  • Flexible financing options. People attending rehab may not have excessive money, but they deserve help nonetheless. A rehab center should always offer flexible financing for those struggling

Don’t let this section scare you about going to a private drug rehab center. More than not a treatment center only wants the best for you or a loved one, however, things can happen, so it’s best to tick all the boxes first to avoid any possible issues.

Multiple Recovery Programs

In life, rarely is there a ‘one-size fits all’ answer, addiction recovery is no different. An important attribute that a rehab center must-have is multiple treatments that can adapt to a patient’s needs.

From long-term to short-term, teenage or adult, in-house or outpatient, there should be a treatment for them.

This also includes medically-supervised detoxes. A lot of centers do not have hospitals or medical doctors onsite as it is not always necessary, especially centers that only focus on addiction. If a center offers a medically-supervised detox (a detox that is overseen by medical professionals with professional resources) then you can rest assure such support is there.

Therapy Doesn’t End There

Addiction isn’t curable, but it is manageable with the right support. While therapy is crucial during a person’s time in the center, it can be even more important afterward.

After treatment, there must be an introduction back into society recovery program. Many times after rehab a patient’s relationship with the outside world is broken, and ensuring support during this transition is paramount.

This includes family therapy. Repeat drug users in particular will have a strained relationship with their family, with this strain only providing more incentive to turn back to drugs. Helping the family get back on track as a whole should be at the top of every rehab center list.

Building Their Skills

While mental and social therapy is a necessity for rehabilitation, teaching patients tangible skills they can take with them is the difference between success or relapse.

Taking the time to teach those in recovery hard skills they can create a life with when they finish rehab is essential for success. This not only allows finding work, but also creates a stable entrance into society, and a way to build new relationships and experiences to replace the old ones.

Sustainable Recovery, Sustainable Life

Substance use recovery is not easy, but it can be achieved.

When you or loved one find the right rehab center, more than sobriety is achieved. Relationships are rebuilt and new goals are created. So put the time and the energy into your road to recovery, it’ll make the world of difference. (

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