The New Range Of Samsung Smart Phones Will Give A Tough Competition

The New Range Of Samsung Smart Phones Will Give A Tough Competition

Samsung is not doing very well right now. The manufacturer flew out of the leaders of the top ten most popular brands in China, and this is the most important market for absolutely all companies. Nevertheless, Samsung is not sitting back and now the company is undergoing major changes.

Finally, the brand took on the mind and in February we will see completely new devices from the flagship line the Galaxy S10 with absolute frameless, and not just another copy of the Galaxy S8. But some of the flagships will not be full, because, for all companies except Apple, the most important are low-end devices and mid-level devices that are not very expensive.

Therefore, Samsung decided to update the available devices, or rather, reset them, by simplifying the Galaxy J line and launching the Galaxy M instead. Soon we will be shown the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 debutants who should immediately surprise with design and hardware. But whether Samsung will succeed in surpassing the just-released Redmi Note 7 and 7 Pro, which captured the imagination at the presentation on January 10, is a big mystery.

Samsung Galaxy M10 a pioneer in the new line of budget smartphones   

The fact that Samsung is not having the best of times is not a secret for anyone, but very soon the Korean brand can regain its former glory. Unusual and interesting Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, as well as new low-end smartphones, will help Samsung if not to reach the previous level of sales, then at least reduce the current losses. The fact is that this company has modified the model Galaxy J line, which has been the most successful perhaps and mean that it trusts in the Galaxy M line. Frankly, we also believe, because the first Galaxy M10, M20, and M30 devices turned out to be very attractive. A drop like cut out for the front camera, productive processors, good cameras and a nice appearance is all true for the Galaxy M line.

Samsung Galaxy M20 will arrive with a 5000mah Battery

Galaxy M10   this is the most affordable device in this direction, but nevertheless, its manufacturer is not deprived of frameless, case materials or other advantages of more expensive models. The device differs from the Galaxy M30 and M20 only in terms of the characteristics of iron and dimensions, since it has the smallest screen of all. But how small, 6 inches with a resolution of Full HD + and this is with a gadget width of 75.8 mm, the height of 155.7 mm.

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However, as long as there are no live photos of the novelty, we can conclude that the Galaxy M10 has received the largest frame from all upcoming smartphones. How do we know this? It’s very simple the characteristics of all three gadgets, where the dimensions were indicated, flowed into the network, and the next model of Galaxy M20 with a 6.15-inch display offers a width of 74.5 mm and a height of 156.4 mm.

Despite the fact that we have a representative of the new line, except for the appearance, Samsung decided not to surprise with anything else by installing old hardware in the new items. So, the Samsung M10 got the 2016 Exynos 7870 chipset from 2016, built on the basis of Cortex A53 cores with a frequency of up to 1.6 GHz, offering the Mali T830 graphics accelerator. The processor is average and scores about 54,000 points in Antutu.

For comparison, the Snapdragon 450 scores about 79,000 points, and the Snapdragon 625 and 83,000 points. Despite the fact that synthetics are not always right, in this case, the opposite is true there is an advantage not only on points but also on optimizing Android as a whole for Exynos chips. Therefore, Snapdragon doubly wins here, which is not very good for the Samsung M10.

Yes, the Exynos 7870 is an energy efficient chipset, but it also implies the presence of jams and absolutely no gaming performance. Therefore, the smartphone is only suitable for light toys and social networks. The memory in the device will be a little, only 3/16 or 3/32 GB. Frankly, 16 GB in 2019, even in the budget device, is too small.

The enhanced camera even at budget smartphones

The budget of the Smartphone also gives the presence of only one camera on the rear panel. Today, single room cameras are ultra budget users and Xiaomi has Redmi 6A for $ 100. Not that the additional photo module gave some advantages, but from a marketing point of view, the Galaxy M10 lacks the trump card of a Smartphone endowed with a dual camera. Against the background of competitors, flaunting double cameras in the same price category, the Samsung gadget immediately becomes less attractive. As for the camera available in the Smartphone, it has a resolution of 13 MP, the aperture ratio of f / 1.9, phase autofocus, electronic image stabilization. On the front of the device, there is a 5 MP camera with an f / 2.0 diaphragms.

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Information about the availability of the NFC module in the Smartphone is not, but most likely it is missing. In addition, a micro USB 2.0 port is used for charging, the battery capacity is 3400 mAh.

As a result, we have a good design, quite fresh, modern and attractive, but with a weak iron, a fairly average camera (high aperture optics does not always save budget Samsung from mediocre photos), an average battery and a good display. Now it is important to understand the cost of the device because the price will finally make it clear whether such a set of features and design is worth the money, but first, we’ll go through the Galaxy M10 parameters once again.

Galaxy M10 release date and price

The announcement of the Smartphone should be held in January, most likely in the late days of the month. The price of the device is not reported, but the Smartphone predicts a price tag in the region of $ 170 for the younger version. Not bad, if you don’t think about Redmi Note 7, which for $ 145 offers three times the best hardware and no worse appearance.

Updated Samsung officially announced the date of the presentation of the Smartphone the event will take place on January 28. It also says about the cost in the region of 140 dollars. Therefore, a Smartphone can be considered worthy of purchase for those people who buy exclusively devices from brands.

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