Things to Consider While Using an Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettles can make things really easy for you and it can be your life support system if you live in a hostel. You want a Maggie, no problem, Hot Kettle is there for you. You want a cup of hot tea or soup, no problem, an electric kettle is there again. Electric Kettle doesn’t only reduce the efforts for you but it also makes it quick for you to heat water. It is also important to clean the electric kettle and use it carefully. In this article, we have listed some of the things that you must consider while using an electric kettle.

Things to Consider While using an Electric Kettle

Cleaning the Kettle – First thing to remember is hygiene. You need to clean the kettle carefully and while you clean the kettle, ensure that it is unplugged. Do not immerse the kettle in water as this would damage the kettle. Also, leave the kettle turned off for at least 30 minutes before you clean. This will allow the element to cool down.

Do not Over Fill – Next thing to note is that you must not overfill the kettle. Carefully look at the maximum mark and fill the kettle only until that mark. Do not fill it over that mark. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that you are careful while handling the hot water in the kettle.

Do not turn on Kettle without water – This is another mistake that a lot of people do. You must not turn on the kettle until you add water in the kettle. This is the most common reason for the damaged kettle. It can also cause the overheating of the element and it’s a fire hazard.

Don’t Heat any other Liquid – Now, we have noticed that some of the users would try to brew tea in the kettle. This is one practice that you must never adhere to. Do not heat anything in kettle except water. This can not only damage the kettle but it can also cause an injury.

Don’t try to Cook in Kettle – Another point that is very important to consider. Do not try and cook instant noodles in the kettle. A lot of people do that and it becomes a pain to clean the kettle. It often damages the kettle as well and the warranty stands void if you use the kettle for such things.

These were some of the things that you must consider while using the electric kettle also buy a good electric kettle brand. They will not only help you in ensuring that you are safe during the usage but it will also ensure that the kettle works smoothly without any problem for a longer duration of time.

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