Tom Hanks and His Wife Are Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Tom Hanks coronavirus positive

We all know that Coronavirus has culminated to its extremity, doing away with the life of myriads of people all across the globe and celebrities like Tom Hanks and his wife haven’t remained an exception either. The 63-year-old actor posted on Instagram a few days back about his and his wife’s detection with coronavirus, which came out as positive. He posted this information on Instagram after getting similar symptoms like coronavirus in Queensland, Australia.

The news of Tom Hanks coronavirus positive has intensified the fear amongst the masses that if a celebrity like him and his wife Mrs. Rita Wilson have encountered the infliction of coronavirus, then what will happen to the rest of the world. Thankfully, the duo is now safe and in a stable condition and undergoing a treatment program at an Australian hospital. Both Tom and Rita got detected with the virus after the World Health Organization proclaimed the abrupt increase in the spread of this killer virus. The couple was happily making a film on Elvis Presley on the Gold Coast, when both of them abruptly got a cold, and they didn’t expect that the verdict would be this.

How all did it start?

Tom Hanks coronavirus positive

When the news of Tom Hanks coronavirus positive came to the limelight of media, Mr. Hanks also didn’t forget to elaborate on the symptoms which he and his wife got initially and how it led them to get tested positive with coronavirus. As you already, know that Hanks and his wife Rita was busy in making a film which was still anonymous in a certain part of the Gold Coast city, when the duo got the symptoms of coronavirus for the first time.

Hanks said on his Instagram post that he and his wife Rita felt a bit tired initially followed by an inexplicable cold and aches in certain parts of the body. As Rita was getting intermittent fevers within a short span of time as an additional symptom, Hanks thought that it would be a safer option to get a test done for coronavirus and they were finally tested positive for it.

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A hint of joke from fellow buddies

As soon as the Tom Hanks coronavirus positive news spread amongst his celebrity friends, they not only got nervous like anything, getting the thought as if it’s going to be their turn next, but, there were also some who found it really ridiculous and said that Tom has always stayed ahead in terms of winning the best awards and became the first actor of his era to have won the Emmy and Oscar Award as compared to any of his competitors, hence, it was his turn this time as well to be the first actor to have got detected with coronavirus.

All Hale and Hearty

Tom Hanks coronavirus positive

Since it has been already known that Tom Hanks coronavirus positive along with his wife Rita Wilson, all his fans including the members of his cast and crew are keeping worried about the current health condition of Hanks and Wilson. However, the couple’s eldest son Chet posted on Instagram that he had a word with the duo just now and they sounded perfectly fine over the phone, Chet said. Both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have accepted the positive testing of this killer virus as a challenge and didn’t seem daunted or panicky even for a single moment. Instead, the duo is undergoing all those necessary medical examinations and preventive measures to keep a deadly pathogen like coronavirus at bay.

The Australian hospital where they are admitted at the moment said that after Mr. Tom Hanks coronavirus positive report came to them, they plunge into in-depth research sessions and are still trying to give the best of attention and care to the couple as stated by Colin, Tom’s son from his first wife. Both the sons of the couple are pretty much confident about the treatment they are undergoing and hopefully will recover within a short while.

Australia is witnessing the brunt of coronavirus

The virus which spread all the way from China is now showing its adverse effects on a number of countries and Australia is one of them that finally led to the Tom Hanks coronavirus positive accompanied by his wife Rita Wilson. Australia has already been detected with 128 cases of coronavirus all across the country and three people out this have already died by now. Hadn’t he and Wilson gone to Australia’s Gold Coast to shoot for the film on Elvis Presley, the duo wouldn’t have to face such kind of a resentful repercussion.

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When asked, the hospital officials replied that Hanks and his wife would have to stay there for a couple of days more unless and until they get completely recovered. Now arises the question that the other people who were present at the Warner Bros. set while Hanks and his wife were shooting for the film at all need to go for a test or not.

Hanks’ fans are in the list too

Before Tom Hanks coronavirus positive occurred along with his better-half Rita Wilson, the 63 the old actor used to pose for photographs with his fans on a regular basis. The places where he would do all this was a cafe near Mount Warning on the New South Wales far north coast as well as at the Coolangatta Beach on the Gold Coast. When asked to one of his fans, she said taking a selfie along with her favorite star has nothing to do with becoming susceptible to coronavirus and she firmly believes in it.

Bad things don’t last long

Tom Hanks coronavirus positive

With the passage of time, everything goes away, and as soon as it was known that Tom Hanks coronavirus positive and his wife is also in the list, the entire United States got dreaded. But, nothing lasts longer and so it won’t as well. The killer virus which already perished so many people around the world hasn’t left celebrities like Mr. Hanks and wife as well. Nonetheless, all
we can do is to pray to the almighty that the duo gets well as fast as possible.

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