Top 5 Financial Android Apps helps to growth your Business

Top 5 Financial Android Apps helps to growth your Business

If you can remain on top of your finances, you can drive your business to success. There are many apps out there that make it easier and more efficient to keep a tab over your finances. They also provide you with innovative strategies to steer ahead.

1.  Mint

This app may be termed in the personal finance category, but it comes packed with a lot of features that make it more efficient for small businesses to keep a tab over their spending and budget. It allows you to add credit cards/bank accounts. It will draw information about transactions, categorize them automatically and present them as simple graphs. This will help you know where all your money is being spent.

This free app helps you organize your finances, allowing you to remain focused on the core activities in your business.

2. Expensify

This app makes it a breeze to keep track of your expenses when you are on a business trip. It has never been easy for executives to track their expenses when they are on official tours.

Just connect your debit/credit cards to your Expensify account and all the charges will become part of a report. If you are wary and don’t want to share your card info with the app, there is another simple solution. Just capture photos of your receipts with your smartphone and the app will capture the required info automatically.

Expensify will then create an expense report in just minutes. The app is compatible with all the leading platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. You can also install it on your desktop or notebook. This is a paid app and costs $5-$10, depending on the individual or team needs.

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3. Square

Square is a payment app that features a card reader for enabling faster and easier transactions. The card reader can be used for reading debit and credit cards. It is ideally suited for mobile food businesses that have space restrictions. It may be free to download, it charges a standard percentage for each swipe. The fee is charged from the purchase and is displayed in your account the next business day.

But custom price offers are available for businesses having annual revenues in excess of $250,000. You can use Square with all mobile and desktop platforms.

4. QuickBooks

This is a well-known app that helps you keep track over your finances and manage it in a smart way. This business accounting app is available only for Android devices. Although the desktop version can be used by anyone.

The Android version is the exact mobile version of the desktop app that is used by a significant percentage of global businesses. You can use it to keep track of your sales, check the latest payments when you are not in the office or send invoices. You will have to sign up for subscription, but the company also offers a 30-day free account.

5. ZenPayroll

Managing your company payroll can be one of the biggest headaches. ZenPayroll helps streamline the complete process. It is a useful app that not only helps you create an efficient payroll system, it also turns your workplace into a paperless environment.

This app will calculate all the income taxes automatically. It also makes it easier to access pay stub records. Your employees can also access their province/federal payroll taxes in an instant.

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