Top New Year Marketing Strategies to sell Your Digital Products in 2022

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Having the right marketing strategy is important at any time of year, but the New Year presents many unique opportunities for fun and engaging strategies post-holidays.  While people tend to spend less during the first few months of the year after increased spending from the holiday season, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to buy anything. So how do you beat the slump? How do you maintain content monetization when it seems like everyone is all shopped out?  Some of the biggest sources of revenue for creators are your digital products. So while people might not want to buy more physical goods like clothes, electronics, or home items, digital products can still seem appealing. 

Keep reading to find out top marketing strategies to implement in the New Year to sell your digital products in 2022. 

Launch New Product(s) with the New Year

The New Year is as good a time as any to unveil new digital products. While it might seem counterintuitive since most people have bought and received more gifts than they know what to do with, it could also be the right time for just the right customer to buy your product. 

For example, say someone just received a pasta maker as a gift for Christmas. Now would be the best time for them to also buy a guide on pasta making or take an online cooking class. 

A new launch tied with the beginning of the year will bring your audience’s attention back to your products. It can not only bring sales to your new product, but reinvigorate sales of old products you may already offer and expand your content monetization strategy. 

New Year is a Time to Learn New Skills

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The saying most associated with the New Year is “New Year, New Me.” You can use the renewed focus on oneself to position now as also the perfect time to learn new skills. As we’re still spending plenty of time indoors because of winter and the pandemic, it’s a great opportunity for spending our free time learning new things. 

This is why positioning your digital products as those that can help them either better themselves or their skills can be effective strategies and exactly what your audience is looking for right after the holidays.

If you want to provide your audiences the additional benefits of searchability, multiple languages, and transcription, consider offering your products on content monetization platforms like Retrieve which offer these features. 

Share How Your Digital Product Can Help Achieve New Resolutions

For many people, resolutions are a way for them to share their hopes and goals for the year. Using this theme within your marketing during a recession can play to your advantage. Show how your product or service can help them achieve their goals for the New Year. 

Say someone wants to lose 15 pounds this year. A healthy cooking guide or fitness plan would be a great digital product that could help them achieve their resolution. Or if they want to learn how to use Adobe products or how to invest in cryptocurrencies, beginner’s courses detailing the most essential information to know would be helpful to start them on these journeys. And if they’re already an expert, you can help them take their hobby to the next level with online consultations.

Offer A Post-New Year Sale

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Consider running a post-New Year’s sale. Many businesses focus on offering great Black Friday and holiday deals, but skip out on New Year’s sales. And that can be a big missed opportunity. 

Because of all of the holiday spending they just did, if consumers see a higher price tag, they may be less inclined to buy. Offering an eye-catching New Year’s deal could be all that’s needed to get them to purchase, especially if your product can help them achieve a goal or resolution they’ve set for the year. 

In short, if you aren’t taking advantage of New Year marketing ideas in 2022, you are missing out on potential sales. With the right marketing strategy, you can attract new customers and help convince those who might have been on the fence to finally make a purchase. And with the right content monetization platform, you can make the most money off your content while offering your audience the best features to learn.

Check out and start earning money off your content by selling your knowledge and skills and turning your fan subscription into income.  


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