Top Tips to Take Care of Your Skin

Top Tips to Take Care of Your Skin

Skin is the first line of defense to protect you for external stimuli such as pollution, dirt, etc. It is included in the special senses for the tactile ability. Because it is the most exposed organ to brace the harsh stimuli, you must take care of skin effectively. (  

Due to the environmental and genetic factors, there are a variety of disorders faced by the skin including acne, psoriasis, allergies, etc. A rather common cause of these disorders is using the cheap makeup product and poor skincare regimen. If you suffer from any prolonged skin issues, immediately get an expert examination done. The experts at Zulu Medical Cosmetics are well versed in skin anatomy and provide the best medical treatment for your skin issues. 

The best way to take care of your skin is simple, unlike the misguiding procedures that you will find online. This article includes all the tips you should regularly follow for healthy skin.

  1. Cleaning schedule: Follow a cleaning schedule, and wash your face free of dust and grime, twice a day with a cleanser. Failure to do so will result in frequent acne. 
  2. Good night sleep: At night time, body repairs itself. Thus, getting a complete sleep is essential for the repair. Sleep with a clear head and turn off your phone half an hour before sleeping.
  3. Balanced diet: Incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle. Whatever you eat will be reflected on your skin. When you eat right, your skin feels healthy as well. Avoid cigarettes, pollution, alcohol intake, etc, to keep your skin healthy. You can also clean your skin with an exfoliative agent such as organic cleanser and antioxidant-enriched products.
  4. Increase antioxidant consumption: Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and thus introducing them in your diet will be beneficial to you. Consuming products like green tea, vitamin C, Olive Oil, etc, as these are some great sources of antioxidants. 
  5. Routine gentle exfoliation: The dry skin often compels the person to exfoliate it with an abrasive agent. However, it is necessary to resist the urge as it can harm the skin and break the delicate capillaries on your skin. Instead, look for a gentle exfoliating agent found in fruits. It will be beneficial to clean it with the fruit toner. 
  6. Regular exercise: When you exercise regularly, the blood flow to your skin increases, making your skin clear. It also helps in decreasing the stress that is known to affect the skin negatively. 
  7. Moisture is the key: Irrespective of your skin type, maintaining moisture balance is essential. Use a moisturizer that fits your skin requirements and make sure that your skin cells are working at the optimal condition.
  8. Hydrate yourself: It is a well-known fact that water can resolve most of the issues of the body, including skin issues. Drinking water removes the toxins from your body and makes your skin soft, clear and supple. 
  9. Wear sunscreen: Sun rays can be harsh to your skin. It is known to dry out the skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles. A good SPF containing sunscreen should be worn all the time to protect your skin against damage due to the sun.
  10. Stay alert about the ingredients: The product you use for the skin should be examined critically. Read the ingredients of the product, to determine if they are toxic to the skin or not. There are few parameters about the skincare products in the market, therefore, be your expert and choose your products wisely. Look for the products that contain organic and non-toxic ingredients. Avoid products containing parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycols, etc.
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If you follow these simple steps, attaining healthy skin will be easier. Be careful about what you choose to treat your skin with. Use products that do not harm your skin and are non-toxic. Avoid Stress and stick to the products that work best for you. Your epidermis requirements vary from person to person. Stay young, healthy and youthful. 

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