Transporting Cannabis and Cash Discreetly and Safely


The cannabis business is now booming, with an estimated 7,490 dispensaries now located throughout the United States ever since the legalization of Marijuana. This is good news for customers that love cannabis, cannabis shop owners, and unfortunately, burglars and robbers that want quick cash. Fortunately, with the help of cannabis warehousing and professional cannabis transportation, you can ensure your cannabis business stays safe from robbers and potential threats.

Why Do Cannabis Businesses Use Cash?

There’s no denying that owning and running a cannabis shop can be quite dangerous. Sadly, because many states and the federal government have not legalized cannabis yet, many banks and credit agencies will not work with cannabis businesses to help process transactions.

Therefore, these businesses are left to use cash-only models. Visitors might find an ATM at a business or nearby. They will need to use cash in order to purchase their products. But, what happens when all this cash needs to leave the business and be placed into bank accounts for processing?

This is a dangerous situation that has led many activitists to lobby for a new bill that will allow cannabis businesses to use credit cards and avoid them using a cash-only model of business.

How Can I Ensure My Cannabis Business Stays Safe?

There are several steps you can take to make sure your business stays as safe as possible from threats like burglars.

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Discreet Transportation

For starters, it’s important to set up good transportation methods for your cannabis.

This includes:

  • Transportation of cannabis to your shop
  • Transportation of cannabis to another warehouse
  • Not storing lots of cannabis or cash at your dispensary
  • Secure transportation of cash from your shop to another location

Fortunately, there are now many businesses that specialize in transporting your cannabis and cash to and from your shop safely.

How it Works

Many burglars feel the need to target armored vehicles. However, these services use a discreet, unmarked van and the help of professional security experts that are armed and trained in helping keep property secure to transport your items.

This helps deter would-be burglars by not showing them that you’re carrying precious cargo, as well as combining help from an armed expert whose job it is to keep your inventory safe. Unmarked vehicles are excellent at helping transport all types of cargo, including cannabis, cash, jewelry, or even computer equipment.

Discreet Storage

It’s never a good idea to store unused inventory at your cannabis dispensary. This leaves you open to robbery and thousands of dollars in lost inventory. A cannabis warehousing business can help store your products away from the public view, while also helping to keep your inventory fresh and safe.

These warehouses will also ship directly to your store whenever you are in need of more cannabis products in discreet packaging. This discreet packaging keeps your cannabis products away from prying eyes as well as helps add another layer of security and protection to your cannabis products.

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In addition to storing your cannabis, it’s also important to partner with a bank and store your cash immediately after transport. Talk to a banker to see what your options are for depositing cash into your business account, and never leave cash sitting at your dispensary.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis shops are revolutionizing the health industry, and they are providing a wealth of opportunities for business owners that want to catch the action fast. By using these safety tips listed above, you can ensure your cannabis dispensary shop and inventory stays safe.

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