5 Types of Fencing Materials for Your Texas Home or Farm

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Fencing can serve many purposes. it adds a certain aesthetic to your property, provides privacy and security, and can give you an enclosed area for pets and livestock. Depending on your fencing needs, you can close form several different types of materials. Learn about the most common choices and what each one is best suited for in order to make an informed decision about what fencing material is best for your Texas home or farm.

1. Wood

This is a very popular choice for fence material, however, not all wood fencing is the same. Designs can range from privacy slats to post and rail or pickets, depending on what you want to achieve with the layout.

Cedar and pine are the two most common types of wood used in fencing. Cedar is incredibly durable and attractive. It weathers well, and it is also resistant to both insects and rot. It will generally cost more than a pine alternative. Pine is less expensive to purchase upfront. It will need to be sealed and treated, so maintenance costs can reduce some of those savings over time. It is also susceptible to damage from wet ground and wood-boring insects.

2. Fiberglass

A somewhat non-traditional fencing material, fiberglass is versatile and durable. It is incredibly strong, yet fiberglass fence is also very lightweight, making it ideal for solid security fence Texas homeowners often like. A nice feature is that, unlike with wooden fence, you on;t have to worry about rot or maintenance over time. It is available in a variety of colors so you can choose one that matches your home’s exterior.

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3. Vinyl

A very popular fencing solution, vinyl can also be costly. Like fiberglass, vinyl offers a solid, smooth appearance. However, it is not as durable as some other alternatives. Impacts from vehicles, lawnmowers or yard equipment can cause cracks that may lead to costly repairs. Other than repairs for damaged pieces, vinyl fences require little to no maintenance.

4. Metal

Metal fencing encompasses many differnet choices. Basic chain link fencing can be an affordable solution for eliminating a safe space for kids and pets to play outside. It can also be used to secure a pool or other potential hazards. Decorative aluminum and wrought iron are more commonly used as accent pieces or in commercial applications. Steel is a popular option for security fencing.

5. Wire

If you are looking to keep livestock in a pasture or deter pests from a garden, wire fencing may be a sensible and affordable solution. The truth is, for many agricultural applications a strand or two of electrified wire is more than sufficient.

Choose the best fence material based on how you intend it to function. Consider the cost, durability and maintenance required to keep it looking new when making that decision.

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