Useful Tips For Choosing A Throw Pillow

Useful Tips For Choosing A Throw Pillow

Decorative cushions are like accessories for your abode, just like how jewelry adds charm to your attire. They can elevate the look of your space, serve as a centerpiece, or inject a burst of color to a bland area. At Elegant Simplicity, we firmly believe that decorative cushions are an essential element of home decor. By combining and coordinating them in creative and unconventional ways, you can infuse your living space with a personalized touch.

Honestly, throw pillows can do wonders in transforming a space from stuffy and formal to relaxed and cozy. One of the things that can be a real headache for our clients is trying to tie everything in their home together. Many times, our clients seek out Elegant Simplicity to take charge and handle everything for them because they feel overwhelmed by the small details and don’t know where to begin.

It can be quite daunting as it’s not their forte and dedicating time to this takes away from spending quality time with loved ones, which is precious and limited. Therefore, we’re simplifying the art of arranging decorative cushions in your living space as having the assurance that it’s done correctly brings a sense of calm and contentment in home decor.

Covers Vs Inserts: Which one to choose? 

A cushion cover is precisely what it suggests – a cover for the cushion. It is the material that is visible on the cushion itself. In high-quality cushions, the cushion covers are detachable from the cushion insert using either an envelope or a zipper, which holds the cushion and the insert together.

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On the flip side, a pillow filler is the real cushion or pillow that is employed to stuff the pillow cases. The realm of pillow cases encompasses a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors, and likewise, the assortment of pillow filler types is equally diverse. There exist numerous kinds of pillow fillers, although some of the most frequently utilized ones include down fillers, synthetic-down fillers, pliable foam inserts for sofa, and kapok or eco-friendly fiber pillow fillers. We’ll delve deeper into this subject subsequently. 

Types of Throw Pillows

For a gentle and elevated sensation, feathers and down are unquestionably among the best options. These pillow fillers not only provide comfort as they conform to your body, but they also retain their structure and fullness over time. If necessary, they can be plumped and reformed to restore their beauty and fullness. Regarding the principles that shape our homes, we recognize the significance (and challenge) of obtaining feather or down fillers that have been obtained ethically, purified, steam cleaned, and/or disinfected in a manner that does not harm anyone during the process. 

For individuals with allergies to down or those who prefer not to use feather or down inserts but still desire comfort and feel, down alternative pillows are an excellent option. Although there are various blends of down-alternative, we frequently utilize a polyester microfiber that emulates down exceptionally well. Kapok is an additional substitute for down that is naturally sourced, immune to mites, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. It is somewhat more buoyant than the majority of down alternatives, whereas Green fiber is manufactured from up-cycled materials.

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