Verified Strategies Needed for Content Marketing via a Technical SEO Agency

Content Marketing via SEO Agency


Content is shared to act as a magnet. It draws people’s attention to what you sell and what you are all about. In doing so, your content allows you to convert these attentions as you please. However, it’s not that straightforward. Several factors influence your content and on top of the list is your content marketing strategy. Let’s see verified strategies needed for content marketing via a technical SEO agency.

Your content marketing strategy determines how you get across to your audience. With the absence of a tactical marketing plan, it’s quite difficult for people to come across your website. So, if you don’t have one, it’s time to establish a content marketing strategy. 

Now to the big question. What strategies are needed for content marketing? 

Build More Targeted Landing Pages

In content marketing, a landing page is an individual web page, designed just for an advertising or marketing campaign. This is a page where guests go to after clicking on a link either in a marketing email, or adverts from Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

The goal of a landing page is usually specific and targeted and it’s called a call to action. It is this focus that landing pages offer that makes it the best option to increase conversion rates for your edgy marketing campaigns. Not just that, landing pages also help to reduce the cost of acquiring sales and leads. 

By building more targeted landing pages, you are sure to catch the attention of audiences interested in your content. Furthermore, with targeted landing pages, you can easily create specific content for different members of your audience. 

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Focus on Facts and Data

Facts don’t lie. By evaluating the performance of your content, you have a better understanding of how the content you put out connects with your audience. No matter how little, one always gets feedback and signals from their audience, and with that data, you get to know what interests them the most. 

Then, you can come up with a more refined piece to intrigue your audience and make them glued to your posts. Generally, content metrics are divided into  four categories:

  1. Company revenue: number of leads, conversion rate, existing leads affected
  2. Engagement: shares, likes, mentions, comments.
  3. User behavior: pages per session, unique visitors, bounce rate.
  4. SEO results: dwell time, organic traffic, backlinks.

Find Related Keywords

If you want your content to stay relevant, a single keyword won’t cut it. You need to help Google recognize and understand your content by mixing related and relevant keywords in your content. 

Google has to resolve plenty of information, hence, the need to help out as much as you can. Different keywords have different meanings. Hence, the reason why you need to add various related keywords is to assist Google in understanding what kind of search intent to target.

Develop an Editorial Plan to boost your tactical marketing plan 

An editorial plan is a strategy that can be used to develop and share content to achieve a distinct objective. With an editorial plan, you can coordinate and arrange your publications on blogs, social media, news sites, or on other platforms in a meaningful way, to achieve your specific goals. 

With an editorial plan, you will be able to;

  • research more keywords to use on your websites and blog posts 
  • improve SEO content services
  • create solid content to generate more impact
  • consistently post your contents according to schedule 

Mapping Content into Main Points, Questions, and Buying Cycle 

Mapping content and outlining helps you coordinate your ideas and structure them in such a way to provide the highest impact both for search engine optimization and the readers. 

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Mapping content also assists you in deciding what subtopics you want to write about and prevents you from skipping ideas even before you start putting pen to paper. 

We, at, recommend that the mapped content should go into your spreadsheet. And if possible, caption every subtopic in the mapped content with the applicable heading tag and additional valuable information. For example, every subtopic could be accompanied by links and statistics you would love to mention. 

Create More Content With Less

Even with limited resources at your disposal, you need to create more content. To do that, you will need to look for topics that pick the interest of your audience. You can make use of Topic research tools to give you ideas on topics, subtopics, related questions, and diverse insights. 

Not only do you have to create more content but also ensure that your content integration is a mix of various types that will appeal to a wide variety of your audience. 


Frankly, it takes time and effort to build a working content marketing strategy. However, by following our guide it becomes much easier. 

With proper monitoring and testing of your content, you’re sure to evolve and adjust your content to suit your target audience and gain quality traffic.  We recommend that you run A/B tests to improve your home page and landing page to evaluate various CTSs on your blog posts.

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