Let’s Go For A Wardrobe Makeover With Emma And Brad

wardrobe makeover

A girl named Emma Chamberlain gets a wardrobe makeover from one of the most famous stylists Brad Goreski. Emma is meeting Brad for the first time and she is quite excited about this. Brad got coffee for Emma and they are so happy to meet over coffee. Brad says that it is a special coffee that contains iced grande, no whip, 2 pump mocha with almond milk. It also has chocolate covered almonds and the name of the coffee is Gary. So let’s start the makeover with Gary.  

Let’s start with the shopping

wardrobe makeover

Brad asks Emma what she wishes to take. Is it a basket or a cart? Without spending even a second, Emma said she wants the cart and she is not going to share it with anyone else. She wants to purchase a lot of things for her wardrobe makeover. Emma has come here to follow Brad and she wants Brad to start first. She wants to observe what Brad does and that’s why she is following him. Brad wants to wear a pair of goggles so that he can just scan through the products and choose the one that he needs. Emma took a short skirt and a bag and she does not like the neon color at all. But Brad loves neon color. He is not able to believe how a young person does not like the neon color. Then she got a bikini that is of neon color. 

And the shopping continues

The wardrobe makeover process continues and Brad tells Emma if she wishes to get a makeover done then she has to purchase the neon dress. She also got a clock and a full dress that she can pair with the white bikini. Now it’s time to go to the puffer and maybe you like the white one. The red trench coat also looks good. Let’s first check the size of the dress. Oh! It’s XS, so you can try it out. Emma is asking Brad whether she can take the white jacket or not. It is looking nice and at last, she took it. But Brad’s cart is fully empty so she is now going to the men’s section. He is feeling a little left out. But before that, they show some crop tops, tie-dye, and sweat pants. It’s looking too good. Emma likes to wear sweat pants everywhere. She wants to wear sweat pants during the most appropriate time. Once she needed to attend a meeting between a trip and she did it in the sweat pants. 

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Interview with sweat pants

Once she wore the sweat pants to the interview and then Brad asked whether she cleared it or not and Emma replied yes. Emma finds a cosmetic box and she wants to buy it where she can keep her mascara, air conditioner, shampoo, etc. While speaking with Brad she forgot where she has kept her cart. Then she started looking at the earnings. Brad is asking Emma about her liking in Beanie. Try out and see how you look. Emma feels that the Beanie gives a traveling look but Brad does not feel the same. Now Emma asks that won’t he think that it covers a part of the hair. Brad says a proportion of it. Let’s put in your head and check how it looks like. She is looking quite good at it and she is taking the Beanie also. Purchasing a Beanie is also like you are giving a wardrobe makeover.

Where is Emma’s cart?

But Brad is saying that his cart is still empty and after that she looks at the fuzzy sweater and after that, she found her cart. Brad says he wishes to purchase everything that is there in the kid’s section. Emma was like are you sure? But the cute section is having a lot of things. By looking at a top, Brad says if he had a daughter he would have bought this top for her. Brad says he wants to purchase a zebra print sequence suit. Brad wants to have a toy car for his friend’s baby. As soon as Brad says that Emma also realizes that even her friend also had a baby and then both of them went there to purchase two toy cars. 

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Looking for the stickers

Oh! Emma got a sticker and she wants to stick it on her refrigerator. Brad saw a double fleece blanket and he keeps that in his cart. Now they have come to the male section so that Brad could purchase something. After looking around he loves a t-shirt that is of pink color and he wants to pair it with bottle green pants. There is a whole section of pajamas and Brad loves to wear pajamas. Emma selected some shorts for Brad and he is going to like the swimsuit, the fleece-lined jacket, and a bow tie. Then let’s go and start trying out different outfits. 

Trying out the dresses

wardrobe makeover

Emma tried out all the dresses that were there in the cart. Brad showed how to get some new outfits for a wardrobe makeover and they also got different things that they need for the whole week. Emma thanked Brad since he accompanied her to the shopping and Brad says he can accompany her anytime when she wishes to go shopping the next time. 

Parting thoughts

By purchasing a lot of items, Emma did a wardrobe makeover and she loved the dresses that she bought. She enjoyed the time that she has spent with Brad. She also got a lot of dresses for Brad as well as for her which she can pair with different accessories and shoes or stiletto. She loved all the dresses that she got and now she is excited to wear these dresses on different occasions.

Wardrobe makeover is something that every person plans to opt for once in his or her lifetime. With Brad and Emma taking the lead, many more people would be enthusiastic to go on a shopping spree. 

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