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Within a short period, homeowners can experience loss caused by water damage. However, it is vital to clearly understand the different types of water damage and the insurance policies covering them. The policies differ depending on whether the damage was sudden, accidental, or gradual, and the owner’s maintenance measures. Moreover, handling the claims alone is challenging. As a homeowner, it is crucial to include the services of licensed water damage professionals. Below is detailed information that clearly states when homeowners can file or not file a claim due to losses caused by water damages.

Accidental or Sudden Type of Water Damage

Homeowner insurance policies cover water damages that suddenly or accidentally occur. The common accidental or sudden water damages that homeowners can claim include damages from rain, storm, plumbing, sewer, drains, and toilet issues. Other damages include:

Extreme Weather Conditions

Different places globally experience harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, rains, storms, tornados, or high winds. Homeowner insurance covers water damages caused by the above weather conditions. For instance, if high winds damage your rooftop, you can file claims.

Leaks need Insurance Policies

A leaking roof or plumbing appliances is major water damage that most homeowners claim. Water leaks come as a result of burst pipes or faulty plumbing. However, for an insurance policy to cover the claims, you must have a proven record of proper maintenance. (sunnyflowerdelivery.com)

Frozen or Burst Pipes

The residential insurance policy covers frozen or burst pipes. You need to take proper maintenance and keep records to pursue a claim due to frozen or burst pipes. Also, you can claim for sudden damage that occurs as a result of malfunctioning appliances. When filing for a claim due to a frozen or burst pipe, ensure you do not mention the term flood. The insurance company may deny the claim.

Gradual Water Damages and Insurance Policies

Gradual water damage is a type of damage that slowly occurs and takes time before it becomes obvious. The common damages include chipping paint from the walls, faulty electrical wires, damaged floors, and ceiling. Homeowner or property insurance policies do not cover gradual water damages. However, some insurance policies allow homeowners to claim for gradual damages if there is an addition of an endorsement. For instance, if the water damages lead to mold growth, you can claim mold remediation.

It is essential to carry out home inspections and ensure proper maintenance regularly to mitigate gradual water damage. Make sure the key areas of your home are in the best condition. Similarly, the insurance policy will not cover damages caused through negligence, poor maintenance, or flooding. While filing a claim for gradual damages, ensure you seek services from an expert who understands the law governing such claims.

Water damages have affected various people globally. However, most victims have no idea if they can file a claim or not. The insurance policy related to water damages is complex and confusing. Before filing a claim, you must understand what the insurance policy cover and what is not covered. Also, work with a competent attorney with vast experience in handling water damage insurance claims.

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