Web Design Trends You Must Embrace to Enhance User Satisfaction This 2019

Web Design Trends You Must Embrace to Enhance User Satisfaction This 2019

Without a doubt, the user experience is big last 2018 and would continue to flourish this year. This year comes an array of new digital trends, especially in the ever-changing world of web design.

In today’s vastly crowded online world, creating an excellent user experience and compelling web design isn’t something that’s voluntary ‒ it’s already expected. That’s why investing in compelling web design in the Philippines is vital.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the top web design trends that you must embrace this year to enhance overall user satisfaction:

Web Design Trends #1-Rotating Animations

If you want to come up with a compelling design strategy that has the power to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more, why not try switching up your content? 

Leave users wanting for more by coming up with an innovative video for your brand that’s specifically created for your homepage. Why not try rotating the titles of the articles, and call-outs? Having these kinds of options could leave your users with a unique experience every time they visit your site.

Web Design Trends #2- Flat design

A flat designed is inclined on a more minimalistic approach featuring the usage of clean, open space, two-dimensional illustrations, and vibrant colors.

Flat designs started just like any other design trend, but over the years, it has become quite a standard in the world of web design. Its rise of popularity is mainly attributed for the ever-growing need of faster loading sites, providing users with a superior browsing experience both in mobile and desktop.

This type of design relies primarily on simple illustrations that are not data-heavy since it doesn’t rely on large images and heavy visuals. As a result, you’ll experience a quicker loading time for your site. That’s why this particular style is preferred by many from a UX perspective.

Web Design Trends# 3- Asymmetrical Layouts

2019 web trends aren’t just about thinking outside of the box. In fact, this year, it’s actively breaking it.

You’re probably familiar with the grid system, a layout guide that has been used for a long time helping maintain alignment, consistency and balance the web designs in the past.

However, 2019 is all about breaking the grid. Asymmetric layouts are great, especially if they’re applied with the right skill, it adds interest and depth to your overall web designs. 

Keep in mind, however, that you need to be consistent with the overall asymmetry. Create a hierarchy and utilize repetition to ensure that web users can easily navigate your page.

Web Design Trends # 4- Freeform Design

Another big trend this year is moving towards a more freeform design. While the more traditional framework aesthetic is fast and accessible, sticking to these design rules isn’t enough to keep making people engaged with you. It’s something more profound than that. So, try to steer clear from sites that are hyper-functional immutable containers of plain information and texts. Instead, introduce something fun,  like trying to rotate something up to 45 degrees!

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Web Design Trends # 5- Mobile First

While maintaining highly responsive designs have been quite a mainstay, for now, this year, Google took the mass mobile migration a step further. It’s now indexing algorithm and considers not just desktop content, but your mobile content as well.

Therefore, creating a modern web design isn’t just about incorporating mobile usability. Instead, you need to make it as one of your top priorities most especially now because mobile usage has now surpassed desktop.

Almost everyone these days browse and shop through their smartphones. While you might have to ditch those large, beautiful photos in the mobile version, utilizing icons are much more economical concerning space. Mobile usage has been increasingly common, and users have no trouble understanding them.

Web Design Trends # 6- Interactive Web Designs Encouraging User Interactivity

The integration of user interactivity is a trend that became increasingly popular and will continue to rise. Chances are, customers are spending more time on pages of responsive sites that have user interactivity features.

The problem with this web design trend is that most companies hesitate to pay for the advanced interactivity features even though most of their clients, as well as their team, want to engage in features like these.

Hopefully, for the next couple of months, more automated development processes will start to appear that will help slash down the cost for those who want to add more unique, interactive features on their websites.

Web Design Trends You Must Embrace to Enhance User Satisfaction This 2019

Web Design Trends # 7- Whitespace

Modern web design is moving towards a ‘less is more mindset.’ That means, more and more websites are choosing to go with simpler layouts with more massive amounts of whitespace. White space, also known as negative space, is just a blank space found on your webpage.

Just imagine it as an extra breathing room around the other page elements of your site. Whitespace helps various separate sections of your pages, improving the overall readability and assisting users to digest significant bits of information.

Web Design Trends # 8 – UX-Driven Diagonal Lines

Trends on the last couple of years tend to focus on straight, horizontal lines to separate different sections on a website’s pages. However, do you know that having a diagonal line design can make your site look even more visually intriguing? It generates a directional purpose for a site user’s eyes to follow to the point of call-to-action and down to the page.

Utilizing diagonals in your web designs helps increase the number of users that scrolls through the entire length of your site.

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Web Design Trends # 9- Non-Traditional Scrolling

These days, more and more websites are trying their hand and experimenting with different scrolling techniques for unique user experience. Instead of utilizing a traditional vertical scroll that you usually see on websites, integrating a horizontal scroll on top of your site helps to grab a user’s attention, showing your company’s highlights and a couple of fast facts about your business.

Many websites have already strayed from the traditional scrolling, and are more focused on the different parts of the web design that users scroll through. This 2019, we’re expecting to see more non-traditional scrolling features that web designers can come up with.

Web Design Trends # 10 -Inclusivity through omnichannel content

The inclusivity through omnichannel content is likely going to pick up this 2019. The idea behind is that by understanding the specific context (for instance, you specifically know what particular stage your customer is on their buyer’s journey or the specific demographic of your audience.) As a result, you’re able to deliver more appropriate content for them.

By learning to understand how to be exclusive through better tools and personalization, it’s more convenient to be inclusive in a diverse set of audience. But 2019 is just the start. With more artificial intelligence and machine learning being incorporated in delivering content, web design will continue to evolve to assist the diversity of content that could be achieved. Algorithms can provide visual or text-based content varying from different formats and sources, and in various lengths and quality. 

Wrapping It Up

By this time, you should be aware by now that web design isn’t just how things will look. Instead, it’s how they will work. That’s why it’s crucial for you to be aware of these technologies and strategies to keep up with the times.

Millions of users have different tastes and preferences, whether it’s their preferred styles or characters, and what’s comfortable for them. Without a doubt, websites and apps have already been a part of their daily routine. The more variants, diverse set of options and features you offer for them, the easier it is for users to find the ones that meet their specific needs. Only time can tell which of these trends will end up as the most popular at the end of the year.

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