What are The Leading Causes of Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, vehicle crashes and collisions are common in the US. For instance, a whopping 37,000 victims lose their lives in vehicle crashes every year, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. Furthermore, about 2.3 million people sustain injuries or become disabled after being involved in vehicular crashes. In order to reduce the risk of being involved in car accidents, every driver must follow all traffic rules and be careful when behind the wheel. There are several common causes of car accidents that drivers can avoid to protect themselves and other road users.

Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated impairs your judgement and reduces your ability to react quickly to any changing conditions in your environment. Therefore, it increases the risk of begging into a nasty vehicle collision. Drunk driving is more prevalent in adolescents, teenagers, and young adults, and commonly occurs on weekends and during holidays.

Distracted driving

Drivers who are distracted usually engage in other activities while driving, like eating, adjusting the radio, using a phone, talking to passengers, and daydreaming. Distracted driving is dangerous and if a driver only takes his or her eyes from the road for a few seconds, it may be enough to cause a nasty crash.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving involves using the road while disregarding the traffic laws and the safety of other drivers and road users. Reckless driving may include ignoring road signs, carelessly overtaking other cars, tailgating other motorists, and improperly changing lanes.


Many states have set speed limits with the aim of protecting road users from accidents so they can safely reach their destinations. However, some drivers ignore the speed limit and end up driving too fast. This makes it difficult for them to safely navigate and turn corners. It also prevents them from stopping in time if there is an obstruction ahead. In addition, the injuries sustained in crashes caused by spending are usually more severe and serious.

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Bad weather

Bad weather can hinder a driver from fully controlling their vehicle. For example, hurricanes, heavy rain, hailstorms, wet roads, and high gusts of wind can cause nasty vehicle crashes. (Valium)

Poor road conditions

Not every crash is caused by the driver’s carelessness. In some instances, crashes occur due to bad road conditions like missing signage, potholes, no guardrails, and poorly designed roads. If a driver has been involved in a crash caused by poor road conditions, they can hold the government or any other relevant road constructors responsible for the poorly built, poorly maintained, or designed road. Crashes can also be caused by other reasons such as animals unexpectedly crossing the roads, vehicle defects, driving at night and drowsy driving.


In conclusion, to reduce the risk of vehicle crashes and collisions, drivers need to avoid drunk driving, reckless driving, distracted driving, speeding, drowsy-driving, and driving in bad weather. If you have been involved in a road crash and you want to pursue justice, you should consult with a lawyer who will guide you on the legal process of holding the liable party accountable and seeking compensation.

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