What are we doing wrong with our eyes?

Eyes are one of the most important assets of our bodies. We perceive the world primarily through our visual senses. Once our eyes are in trouble, we feel lost. Imagine, when you are ogling at your favorite T.V. show and someone walks between you are your television screen.

Don’t you go mad? Sure you do. A simple interruption in your watching feels to be so bad. Then imagine what it would be like if your eyes get damaged for life. It would be devastating. So we should be more careful about the health of our eyes.

However, we often tend to forget about it. We go to dentists on an almost regular basis. A bad set of teeth can affect your overall appearance. So we are careful about that. As the deterioration of eyes does not affect our appearance, it does not alarm us.

Serious issues related to eyes do not often show any apparent symptoms as well. For example, retinal detachment is a very serious hazard for eyes, which does not give away any primary symptoms. So for eyes, it is better to prevent than to cure. Here are some daily activities that we do wrong in our eyes.

Watching T.V. in the dark:

It has become a custom schedule to watch some episodes on Netflix before sleeping at night. It is comforting to watch your favorite characters dallying on the screen, to laugh a little at the humorous acts and dialogue and to put your stress factors away for some hours. While it is good for your mental health, it takes a huge toll on your eyes.

Staring at illuminated screens like your laptop and desktop is also harmful to you. At night, you are sleepy. Looking at a moving screen means your brain has to figure out the actions showed on the screen. This causes your eyes stress and strain. Watching television should be always around good light in the background. Make sure the brightness of the screen matches the room light.

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Your eyes should not perceive the screen as an independent source of light. Doctors recommend keeping away any illuminated screen before sleep to develop a good sleep pattern. On the other hand, you can pass the time by reading a storybook.

Reading in bad light:

Reading is perhaps an obsolete habit with the rise of e-books. People are more comfortable with the kindle edition of Jane Austin than with the dusty jaundiced pages of the printed editions. Yet there is a good percentage of people who cannot go to sleep without finishing off two or three chapters under dim light. However, if you are one of them, they pay attention here because this is for you.

It has been found out with several case studies that people who have the habit of reading books with their bed light have more tendency of getting eye problems. You can experience redness or pain in the eyes. Having watery eyes is another significant problem that you can have if you are a regular night reader. Not only at night, but also during the other parts of the day, one should always have good lighting around your reading corner. Though it is not advised to read under direct sunlight, that will strain your eyes.

Heavy eye make-ups:

Girls love to show off their big bright sexy eyes to everyone who would care enough to stare into them. And who does not accentuate the shine of her eyes with the whole gamut of eye makeups? Well, heavy eye makeup materials are not good for the health of your eyes if used frequently. Try to avoid eye make-up altogether. If you have to wear eye makeup on occasional purpose, try to use products of a reputed company.

Make sure, the products are dermatologically tested. After the occasion, wash it off. Rinse off the residual makeups with the help of cotton and cleansing milk. Throw away the bottles of eyeliner, eye cream, and other eye products after every six months to steer clear of fungal infection. Let’s face it, girls. The fungus grows more in a dark black wet place. What is a more suitable place for the fungus family to grow than the old bottle of eyeliner on your dressing table?

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Not wearing a pair of sunglasses:

During the bright (and sometimes unnecessarily bright) days, we should always wear a good pair of sunglasses. If you have a visual problem and have got glasses, you can have a pair of changer glasses. It is also called photochromatic spectacles. They look like ordinary glasses, and when you step out of the house, voila it has colored glasses like sunglasses.

Is not it great? Good colored glasses protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays which are present in sunlight. Whenever you are out in the sun, get your glasses dear! Another thing may be useful here. When you are working on your laptop screen, you can wear a good pair of anti-glare or anti-radiation glasses for more comfort and less irritation. This way, you are avoiding looking directly at the multiple radiations that the screen emits.

Rubbing the eyes:

Freely rubbing the eyes is perhaps the coolest temptation for anyone. However, this is not a good thing to do. While rubbing the eyes, your hands can be dirty. You may have touched something reactive before rubbing them. This will cause itching in the eyes. And secondly, rubbing your eyes too hard could tear those blood vessels which are under the lids. So it is wiser to have your way with an irritated eye is to compress it with a cold handkerchief.

Apart from these obvious things, there is another measure that you need to take care of. You have to visit an ophthalmologist after a reasonable period. If your nice eyes got any little problem, your doctor buddy can check it and take care of it. Eyes are the best gift you have got.

So, keep looking and keep shinning!

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