What Does “Bae” Mean? Bae Meaning in Text

what does bae mean

Just came across a hot topic “Selena Gomez may have found a new Bae” while scrolling over your Instagram page? Now wondering what does Bae mean?

Well, over the last couple of years, the word “Bae” has secured its position in the English language via its excessive usage and popularity. By using this term, people want to express the feeling of endearment. Along with many such abbreviations and acronyms, this popular word is officially included in the English word thesaurus and can be found in the oxford dictionary.

Often you come across a meme dealing with the word Bae on social media. It has frequent use in youths. People use this internet slang to express love for the beloved person. Besides, it has far more popular meaning, which we should include it in daily life’s conversation. Stay tuned with us to acquire ultimate knowledge about this internet slang.

What does Bae stand for?

“BAE” is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else.” Anyone can also be replaced by “Anything.” When someone or a person gets a particular treatment, the concerned word is used to refer to that person. This word is a perfect replacement of the word babe or baby.

Other meaning of Bae

Bae is an affectionate term that’s typically used to refer –

  • Boyfriend/girlfriend- Hanging out with my Bae. (replacing boyfriend or girlfriend)
  • Spouse- My Bae has cocked it for me. (instead of wife or spouse)
  • Lover- Waiting for a perfect Bae. ( In replacement of lover)
  • Crush- Looking at his Bae ( crush).
  • A Child- Playing with my Bae. (child)
  • A Pet- This bunny is such a Bae.
  • Delicious food- Hamburger is a Bae.
  • Anyone considered to be the most important person in another person’s life
  • It is also a slang that refers to someone’s object or a person of affection.

Alright, the word Bae stands for before anyone else, but what does it mean? Go through the rest to find it out.

How to pronounce “Bae”?

First of all, it’s written as “Bae” not “bae,” as published in the urban dictionary. According to urban dictionary, this is a Danish translation for “poop” that represent a ship related term. Bae pronunciation is quite different. You should not pronounce the word “Bae” like ‘bee’ or ‘bye.’ It is quite similar to ‘bay.’

Origin of the word Bae

Back to the 1500s, it was used to denote sheep’s sound, but according to urban dictionary, it is gaining popularity in 2003 at the beginning of the texting technology. It was not so popular until 2011 when the first user, submitted its meaning in the urban dictionary. Someone tweeted its full form is “before anyone else.”

The trend of using Bae goes viral in social media by adults and teenagers in July 2014. Because that year Pharrell Williams, a famous singer, and songwriter, released a song named ‘Come Get It Bae’ and put the word into the new trend. People eventually started using this everywhere. Pharrell’s song worked as fuel to speed up the popularity of “Bae” across the world. But the real origin of the word is still unknown.

Why Bae become so popular among the youths?

Bae is now one of the most frequently used words. And the craze for using this word is increasing in youths. They are deliberately using this word in social media while texting or making memes. But the fact is Bae has not gone viral overnight. Its popularity is a long-time affair. So, what makes that massive urges to use this everywhere? What makes it so popular today?

Curiosity, confusing meaning, and pronunciation of the word Bae keep people discussing it over social media. During 2014 when Pharrel’s song “come get it Bae” was released, the term spread out lyrically mouth to mouth and reached every corner of the social media platform. It is the first official establishment of the word “Bae,” that gives a skyrocketing speed to use it globally.

How people use the term?

Bae is a noun, and to use it in the same sense you can replace someone else’s name (he, him, her, she, etc.). The term ‘my’ also refers to significant other.

For example, while posting a status update like “waiting for my child” or “waiting for my spouse,” you can write “waiting for my Bae.” This abbreviated form has now created its way to every language like other related words such as lol (laugh out loud) or brb (be right back). People not only use this term while texting, but it also finds its presence in daily life. People use this word during face to face conversation. It may seem weird to hear that these abbreviated words are now a part of the Oxford dictionary and has initiated a new way of communication.

People like to use it everywhere online or offline on various occasions; in this process, people come to recognize the word more likely. Like this, it has made its place in YouTube videos and memes.

Examples of using the acronym

Bae is a very productive and adaptive element of English. It is not only used as the parts of speech, but the related forms of the expression also cut good marks on your conversation and writing as well.

Grammatical uses-

  • Baeless/ Baeful (using suffixes) – You are Baeful but acting like you’re Baeless.
  • Use as a phrasal verb – When in doubt, Bae it out.
  • Baedom- She is the best Bae, in the history of Baedom.
  • Use as an adjective – My pizza is so Bae.
  • The Baest (superlative degree) – He is the Baest Bae among all the Baes.
  • Baeness- Her Baeness is strikingly remarkable.

You can also write it using prefixes like super-, uber-, or extra-Bae. Also, Shakespeare has given a phrase related to this word. It was like “Bae or nah to Bae” which had a prominent English use in earlier times.

What does it mean when a close girlfriend (not your partner) calls you Bae?

Sometimes it happens that a very close friend who’s a girl calls you Bae. It doesn’t mean that she is in love with you. It is a way of showing her affection towards you. She cares for you and gives you a front-line priority rather than others. Your friend will be there in any pampering moment without expecting anything in return.

Often it is seen that girl besties are closer to their male best friends than their boyfriends. In this situation, if you find a close female friend calling you Bae, think that you are so lucky. It is no less than a blessing. In today’s generation, romance has a whole new connotation and has become more complex to understand. Once you get a girl best friend like this, you need to keep this friendship. Never try to step up the relationship into a so-called “Love.”

How to react when a boy calls you Bae?

It entirely depends on how you feel for that person. In this modern age, love and romanticism stand differently for each person. Now if a boy calls you Bae, you need to think about your feelings. You already know what the internet acronym stands for. In this case, it means that indirectly, he is showing his feelings for you. If you do feel the same way but think that Bae is insufficient to say I love you, express your attitude by saying him “Bae back.” But before you go deeper inside the relationship, understand what type of relationship you have with that person. By doing this, you can get an idea of how he feels for you or what he tries to say.

Is he flirting with you?

If a guy wants to flirt with you, he will suddenly address you with this pet name Bae (babe). The reason is this pet name is not so intense to establish a serious love. Right now, he is trying to make you feel that he has feelings for you, but the reality is not the same.

Does he find you attractive?

If a guy is totally up to you and likes very much to listen to your words, you can be sure that he is interested in you. He will not make frequent use of the word while addressing you. In this case, Bae becomes adjective more than just a pet name. He can merely call you, “you are such a babe.”

Is he trying to test you?

Sometimes he may test you by saying, you Bae. He is looking for your expression and how you react to it afterward. You can call him Bae back or reply to him with sweet emojis. That will ensure your relationship with healthy bonding.

There are many fun facts about the word

  • The guy is a name changer and can’t remember your name. He calls you Bae to simplify the confusion, or he is not interested in your name, his only intention is to talk to you.
  • He is trying to draw your attention by calling you, Bae. It happens when you are in a crowd, and he needs to grab your attention. You are likely going to search for the person who calls you so.
  • He may try to show off you by addressing you with Bae in his friend circle.
  • There is also a positive side of calling someone Bae. Besides flirting it shows that the person is feeling affectionate towards you. It depends on the depth of your relationship.
  • From another perspective, Bae means nothing. It just represents a nickname for you. People use it in every relationship, and you can consider it as another nickname for you.

What happens when your best friend (not boyfriend) calls you Bae?

So, your best buddy addressed you as Bae after today’s lecture? Stay cool. Remember that the term can be used for both best friends and significant others. If a male best friend calls you out using the acronym, it means he is giving you priority than other friends.

Having a male best friend who calls you Bae is a blessing. Don’t ever think that this relationship is “LOVE.” He is a good friend who will stand by your side in the worst situations and without any expectations. In general, it doesn’t initiate a love story. If you have feelings for your male best friend, you can respond back to him by expressing your thoughts. And begin a lovely relationship by converting your closest best friend to your significant one. But often it is seen that staying in a healthy friendship is better than having a complicated love affair.

Why people use internet slang?

With the help of developing web-based technologies like chatting, phone texting, email, or instant messaging, our communication style has also evolved. Abbreviations, short forms, and acronyms are the primary building brick of the new internet cultured language. Today’s advanced internet language is so famous for its way to express emotion and speed up communication. Unlike traditional writings, internet slang overthrows the proper spelling of words and grammar.

  • Way of expressing emotion– Expressing emotion with traditional English writing is not reader-friendly and can’t express feelings easily. Acronyms and short forms help us to tell readers that we are happy, sad, surprised, amused, etc. By saying the concerned acronym, you can express an emotion of love for your dearest one as it stands for “before anyone else.” “Lol,” which means laugh out loud, is an acronym by which you can express a matter of laughter. Often users use textual emoticons like “:)” or “:(” to represent human facial expressions like happiness or sadness.
  • Enhancing the speed of communication-In today’s busy world users don’t have much time to type a lengthy message to send to friends, family, and colleagues. Typing a long message is a waste of time; you just need to express your words and emotions in a nutshell. For this particular concern, using internet slang words are the best solution. These slang words offer a quick and convenient way to communicate on social media platforms.

Urban dictionary is a literal internet slang dictionary which is a free online and can be accessed by anyone else.


Now you have got a clearer picture of what does Bae mean and how to pronounce or use it accurately? It’s time to use it correctly in your regular text conversations and let us know how this guide has helped you?

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