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what does boo mean

What do you do if someone suddenly starts calling you “Boo”? You might wonder for not knowing the reason! Yes, it actually gives a very awkward feeling when you don’t get the exact meaning of a word. It is quite possible that you might have heard it before several times on social media and other places but didn’t gain enough interest to research for it. There are plenty of words like this one which suddenly became very popular to the newest generation. But who cares until we are not being called?

Origination of the word “Boo”

The word Boo is slang, a derived form of the French word “beau” which means an admirer. In the French language, it refers to only a male admirer, but in English, it can be used for both genders. A boy can call it to his girlfriend and similarly a girl can call it to her boyfriend.

The meaning of “Boo” explained

To understand, what does “Boo” mean? You need to understand the situation and the relationship. The meaning differs depending upon the situation, feelings, and relationships. The word “Boo” can be positive or negative for you. If it is in a cricket match where a collective people are shouting “Boo” “Boo” at you for losing an easy match, then you need not to be glad for that because you didn’t do anything good for which you would be getting a standing ovation (don’t be offensive just making you feel).

On the contrary, if your partner calls you “Boo” then you have enough reason to be happy about that. That means you are lucky enough to be loved. Here the word “Boo” is a term of endearment which shows the core feeling of love or affection. I hope this explanation clarifies what does Boo mean when a guy calls you it?

What does Boo mean in relationships?

A “Boo” is someone very special to you or the closest one. You can call it to your loved one. Even you can call it to your family members or close pals considering that they are actually very special to you. Many find it annoying to use because of its odd pronunciation or informal appearance. But the new generation enjoyed using this slang to their loved ones and made it popular, especially on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. It seems a “Boo” can add some extra value to your caption when you post some close frames with your loved ones on Facebook or Instagram. It can seek more attention to your followers, or your post can get more likes if you write “selfie with Boo” as caption instead of a formal one.

What if a guy calls you “Boo”?

I strongly believe that now you must know enough about what does “Boo” means? And what does Boo mean when a guy calls you it? So, don’t just overreact if someone tells it to you. Remember, you should keep it in mind that only a single word can’t be the deciding factor which would let you know about his motive. As you must know the fact that you are not owing to any supernatural power, with which you can be able to read his mind or motive. So, you should take a close look at his body language and other parameters as well to get a clear image of his intentions.

The probable reasons

There are many probable reasons that can be existed if a guy calls you “Boo”. Following are the possible reasons that you can really relate with.

He may be attracted to you

If a guy suddenly calls you “Boo” and if it is entirely unexpected for you, then there is a high probability that he is being attracted to you. This is also possible that he is looking for a date with you and if you go for a date, then he may propose you soon. Now the question is, how would you be sure if he is really attracted to you or not? Don’t worry. I have a stock answer for this. You just need to find out a few common signs of attraction to understand what he actually feels for you.

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Noticeable Signs that matters

If a guy is really attracted to you, then you may notice some changes in his behavior and body language each time you come close with each other.

You may notice these following signs of attraction in him:

  • He would always want to stay close to you.
  • He would show extreme care and affection for you.
  • He will be getting jealous if you give importance to others.
  • He would be willing to have prolonged eye contact with you.
  • He would be willing to spend more time with you alone.
  • He would want to touch you frequently while talking with you.
  • He would want to play with your hair for no reason.
  • He would fight with others for small reasons.
  • He would be worried about your tiny problems.
  • He would give importance only to your words, not anyone else.
  • He would try to make himself presentable when you are with him.

He is in love with you

If you have already gone for a few dates with him, spent some valuable time with each other and shared some feelings with each other then it might be possible that the guy has fallen in love with you. He considers you as his girlfriend. Now he wants to make you and others understand how he feels about you. He wants to introduce you to his closest pals so that you can opt for an open relationship with him and that might be the reason he called you Boo. And most importantly, the noticeable signs are almost the same as the previous scenario.

He may be flirting with you

If you are still not able to relate to the common signs and not really getting him properly that why he is calling you Boo, then he might try to play a game with you. There is no emotion that existed in this case. The guy just wants to use you and gained interest on you to fulfill nothing but his dirty desires. You need to be very careful in this case as it might harm you badly. To make sure about his intentions, you need to notice if he is telling you more flirting words like “What’s up babe?” “What’s up honey?” etc. If this is the case, then you can consider that the guy is just trying to flirt with you. He has no real intention to make love with you. So, you should keep a safe distance from such a person by ignoring these masked calls.

It can be a natural habit

A guy who is your closest pal can call you Boo without having any special intention. It can come up naturally as you are very close friends. You know each other very well. You love each other very much. You really care for each other selflessly. So, he might just call you Boo considering you as one of his best pals. It is very natural and you should take it easy. You need not get to the core of it until you notice other behavioral changes in him. You can also follow him that is he interacts the same way with his other best friends or not. If it is the same way he is treating others, then calling Boo is just his natural habit, nothing more than that.

He wants your opinion

It could be another case where he is already attracted to you, but he stuck in the middle as he doesn’t know how you feel for him. He might be scared to think that whether you want to go for an open relationship with him or not? He might try several times to make you feel his core feelings for you that he has been nurturing since long back, but somehow you didn’t respond to his repeated calls. Eventually, not knowing what to do, he just called you Boo to give it a try. He tried to indicate his willingness to go for an open relationship with you and asking you for your opinion.

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Girls are not exempted from calling “Boo”

In a similar way, girls also call their boyfriends “Boo”. Actually, it is a very natural way to show affection by calling their partner with nicknames. Why should boys have all the fun? But if you as a boy wants to know the exact reason for being called “Boo” then just follow the noticeable signs and scenario that I mentioned earlier. Those will be almost the same as girls, and you can be able to relate to those easily.

Alternatives to “Boo”

Sometimes you can feel good to call your partner as a pet name like “Boo” instead of boyfriend or girlfriend. Especially when you are introducing them publicly in a party or get together. It actually sounds good and can add some spice to your relationship. You can give it a try to boost your relationship if you think that your old relationship is lacking spice. If you don’t like to call “Boo” or your partner doesn’t like to hear it much, no worries, you can explore the other alternatives too. Just check the list below which can alter “Boo” without changing the purposes.

Call it “Babe” instead

“Babe” is one of the sweetest pet name or nicknames that somebody can hardly deny to respond to this. It is indeed very affectionate to being called by this nickname. But keep it in mind that it can sound good only to those who have been already in a relationship. It might create a negative impression if you use it on your very first day of dating.

Understanding the difference between soul-mate and Boo

In our life, we date numerous girls from time to time and while many relationships last only a week or two, only a few last for a lifetime. Those that last a week or a few months can be called girlfriends, and the relationship that lasts forever can be called a soul-mate. The fundamental difference between a soul-mate and Boo is that you can call all your girlfriends, including the soul-mate “Boo” to express your love and endearment, but not every Boo/girlfriend is your soul-mate. Soul-mate is not causal stuff. The soul-mate is one lady who understands you completely, and your heartaches even in her slightest absence. Finding the soul-mate is a dream for every guy as she completes your life emotionally and romantically. Just like there can be many friends but only one best friend, you may meet many girlfriends, but only one soul-mate in your life.

Can call it “Honey” or “Sweetie” too

If you don’t like to call your soul-mate in a traditional way then give your soul-mate a nickname like “Honey” or “Sweetie”. It may boost up the intimacy in your relationship. Ask yourself; don’t you be happy if you are being called “Honey”? That means nothing is sweeter than you. What more you can expect if your soul-mate considers you the most adorable?

Discovering the facts

Hope you got enough information related to the word “Boo” that has been accumulated here in this article and understand well how a single word can define different relationships and motives in different ways. Gradually this word became frequent in conversation, especially to the new generation despite having the chance of being misinterpreted. Yet, you cannot deny the fact that the word “Boo” is a real attention seeker. A single word can make you curious to know the facts behind it and can grow your interest in finding the real reason. You can know more about common acronyms from our dictionary archive such as the meaning of bae.

Now you should not be worried as you know almost all the possible reasons if you have been called “Boo” by someone. So, take it easy and have fun!

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