What is Urinary Incontinence and how this problem can be taken care of?

Millions across the globe are found to suffer from an ailment referred to as ‘urinary incontinence’. This ailment occurs as the muscles of the pelvic floor tend to get weakened due to various types of issues. The unfortunate truth is that over 75% of the population suffering from this particular condition is women who require immediate treatment to get relief from pain and to do away with the symptoms experienced. People suffering from this issue tend to face unintentional urine loss. Incontinence is of different types, ranging from stress incontinence to overactive bladder problems. People infected with bladder cancer are said to be a huge risk to develop urinary incontinence. Such patients are strongly advised to consult the best cancer specialist in India.

Symptoms associated with urinary incontinence

Those having contracted urinary incontinence are likely to display various kinds of symptoms, which at times may cause anxiety, be debilitating and quite embarrassing. According to studies conducted on some people, this condition was found to cause urinary urgency in the infected person. but stress incontinence is undoubtedly stated to be the most bothersome situation faced. These patients experience frequent urinary leaks, when they sneeze, laugh or cough. Sudden and frequent uncontrollable need to visit the bathroom may be experienced with urge continence. 

Stress incontinence reduced with higher muscle mass

The fact is acknowledged by the leading doctors who are specialists in the domain. Women who are past the menopausal stage experience this situation much more when compared to younger women. Studies have revealed that those women having a stronger grip or leaner muscle mass enjoyed reduced chances to contract stress incontinence. Such women did have strong and powerful pelvic floors. 

In case, the person is required to deal with bladder cancer and incontinence, then it becomes crucial to consult the experienced oncologist and discuss the condition in details. They can provide useful information about the ailment, diagnose and offer the necessary treatment and medication required to eliminate the condition. Oncology is considered to be a wonderful procedure to enhance both conditions and provide immense relief to the patients. 

Tips to strengthen the pelvic floor

With the help of different kinds of exercise, it is possible to increase and improve the pelvic floor strength, similar to that of any other muscle that exists in the body. Kegel exercises are prescribed by medical experts, which are easy to be performed by all patients. In this type of exercise, the patient is required to push like when urinating and hold it for 10 to 30 seconds approximately. The longer time period the person is able to hold, the much stronger the pelvis becomes. This procedure needs to be repeated throughout the day several times and in the form of 10 sets. Discussing with the professional does help the person to know how this exercise can be performed correctly, to derive the best results. 

There also exist other ways to prevent or improve urinary incontinence. Some of them are given below:

  • Ensure that the body gets aligned properly, right to the hips from the head. It will help engage correctly the muscles while improving balance. This procedure even assists to do away with pain experienced in the lower back region. 
  • The body can be trained to move across all planes and not just only forwards. It helps to increase and strengthen the pelvic muscles. 
  • The pelvis should be safeguarded by reducing stress, especially when performing laborious activities and working out. 

The reputed and top oncologist in India has been trained to provide prompt and timely assistance to patients to treat their urinary incontinence problem. They do offer the necessary support to help improve the patient’s overall quality of life and health. The top-rated hospitals do boast of being associated with the very best and highly qualified specialists who can offer different types of treatments to cure a variety of ailments using state of the art medical equipment and devices. The expert physicians undoubtedly are well respected in the industry and have the necessary knowledge to guide patients to enjoy optimal health by providing conventional medical solutions. Visiting the specialists if faced with such health conditions is important and no time should be wasted in this regard.

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