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The past year has been a watershed for billions of people. From the moment the whole world started talking about the new COVID-19 virus, our lives changed instantly. For many, these changes turned out to be fatal, many areas of life have passed the test of strength. Those who survived, found themselves locked in 4 walls with no hope of improving their condition. Let’s look at how our life has changed during the pandemic, and what to do next in order to get back on stream. First of all, this concerns communication with other people, a value that many of us appreciated only at the moment when we were deprived of it. I will tell how the pandemic changed our life of communication and how I started to use Livebeam after.

  • How Does Pandemic Change Our Lifestyle?

First of all, what has changed during the pandemic on a global scale.
An outbreak of new infection in China has literally divided the life of the whole world into before and after. Since December, when the first infected person was identified in the Celestial Empire, the infection began to spread at an extraordinary rate. By March, she had penetrated into most countries of the world. WHO has officially announced a pandemic.

  • What Had Happened Since the Start of Lockdowns?

What happened to all of us during the pandemic. Let’s imagine an inside view

  • Insulation. All of them were locked up for a certain period in 4 walls. The situation is not too dire for hickey or introverts, but catastrophic for those who cannot imagine life without communication. Even those who calmly endure loneliness, after a while began to feel anxiety and discomfort from the impossibility of simple communication.
  • Psychic trauma. Here the range of consequences is wide enough. From complex PTSD and burnout for those who have worked in emergency services or hospital wards, to the trauma and loss of loved ones in those who have been bereaved by the coronavirus. And we still cannot say for sure about how the pandemic affected the psyche of an ordinary person.
  • Complete isolation from society. Have you noticed how much communication you get on a daily basis before? And it’s not even about family communication, friends or coworkers. You leave the house in the morning and say hello to your neighbors. You go to the bus stop and greet the driver. At lunchtime, you exchange a few words with the owner of the coffee shop where you drink coffee. You start a small talk with a salesman at a vegetable store near the house when you go home. And such small acts of communication are innumerable. And now you are deprived of them. This also makes itself felt by the lack of communication.
  • Distance from friends and acquaintances provoked the severing of existing ties. If you have not been particularly close to a person, after a pandemic, you are most likely to simply lose each other. And it won’t be easy to find feedback.
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This is just a small part of all the consequences of last year’s pandemic for you and me. And you shouldn’t relax. For the fall of 2021, scientists are already predicting the next wave of the virus and the tightening of quarantine measures around the world. Therefore, it is worth looking for new ways of communication in order to keep your psyche and communication skills in order. 

  • How Can We Communicate Today?

Scientists have already suggested that the future lies in online communication at platforms like Livebeam. The whole world went online last year. We learned how to order food with delivery and use online fitting rooms in clothing stores. We ourselves work remotely and use an online appointment with service providers. Our children study remotely and everything goes on as usual

Why not make friends online than on platfroms like Livebeam? With the help of online chats like Livebeam, this is quite possible. You just need to register on a service like Livebeam, and you can find yourself an interlocutor and friend without much effort. Simple communication without borders is the main advantage of this way of making friends. Plus the very intent of the chats like chats at Livebeam. Unlike dating services, there is no mood for sexual overtones. Just for fun’s sake. Therefore, gender, age, religion or race are not at all important when communicating in Livebeam and other chats of this kind.

You will be able to find the communication you are missing online at Livebeam. And at the same time, you are guaranteed to be protected from the coronavirus at Livebeam.

  • 5 Reasons to Make Friends Online in 2021 at Livebeam

Now let’s crystallize all the most important things that we talked about above. So why is online friendship the best solution in a pandemic era?

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1. You are not dependent on your government’s coronavirus policy. You will not have to suffer because of the inability to spend the evening in your favorite bistro with a friend due to the lockdown ’cause you can do all the same behind the monitor of your gadget.
2.  You do not have to go out, spend time on makeup and hairdressing to meet with friends. Things get much easier and the pajama party format for text chatting or video chatting is OK.
3.  You care about your safety. You cannot guarantee 100% that your friend is not infected with Covid-19. But the virus is definitely not transmitted through the monitor.
4.  You take care of your loved ones too. Even if you have already been ill or you have a strong body, remember that there may be especially vulnerable people near you. These are representatives of the older generation, children and adolescents who are affected by the Delta strain, people with chronic diseases. By communicating online, you will protect them.
5.  No boundaries. Now friendship will be unlimited, because people from many countries are sitting in the chats, and it is likely that many of them will be close to you in spirit.

These results show that the world has changed. Are these changes for the better? Shows the future. In the meantime, it’s time to make lemonade from the lemons that life gave us in 2020 and make friends online using online chats like Livebeam.

Livebeam is your window to the world of streaming. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear. Do not hesitate to give Livebeam a try.

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