Why Eyelashes Growing In Weird Directions

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Eyelashes growing in a weird direction can be dangerous sometimes and medically it is referred to as trichiasis

This unnecessary and growth in weird direction touch ball causing it to irritate also it touches the skin and you will uncomfortable.

Isn’t it crazy that Lashes are growing in a weird direction?

No. it is not it has a lot of reasons behind it sometimes it can be medical and sometimes biological.

Are you excited to know about it?

But before going into deep let me tell you that this growth of lashes in a weird direction is not something normal. So you need to pay attention to its symptoms, cause, and treatment.

The berry on top,

In this article, I am going to tell you about this.

Let us dive into it then,

Is it trichiasis?

Firstly you have to figure out that these growing lashes in a weird direction are trichiasis or it is some biological or genetic problem your facing.

For this,

Look around at the other parts of your body if you are facing the same problem on some other parts then it is a genetic problem.

But if,

It is only with the eyelashes then it is trichiasis. And then you need medical assistance.

What is trichiasis?

Sometimes the impacted hairs locked in the skin make a painful bump. But in the case of trichiasis, there is a difference.

Do you know what is the difference?

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The difference is that in trichiasis the lashes hairs grow outside of the skin but in a weird direction.

This means,

That the eyelashes which are present on the upper side of the eyelid that typically grows in an upward direction, towards the forehead and allow the debris to protect your eye.

If you are facing the problem of trichiasis then these eyelashes will start growing in an inward direction or you can see it starts coming inside the eye and causes to hurt the eye.


As I stated earlier that trichiasis is different from hair trapped inside the skin so it can be identified by simply noticing that the eyelashes are growing in a different direction.


Sometimes Trichiasis occurs in some of the eyelashes and sometimes it may affect all of the eyelashes present on the lid.

On the same hand,

People reported that sometimes there is the only area that is under trichiasis that means that only in the specific area these eyelashes are growing in weird directions.

This growth can irritate your eye and leads to the below-mentioned symptoms.

  • Watery eyes due to this
  • Itchiness in eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Redness

If this is not getting the proper treatment then it will affect your eye very badly, it can harm the cornea and also may cause infection.


Trichiasis is caused by some common issues these are given below.


If you survived through an eye injury then there will scar tissue that will develop these scar tissues will cause these eyelashes to grow in a different direction.


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If you had eye surgery then you face this problem after that.

Development changes

This problem is also caused when the child grows and faces different developmental changes.


In this situation, the eyelid starts folding inward and causes trichiasis and hence you face this problem.


If you want a temporary solution to it then you can use mascara over them or also comb them with an eyelash comb. Some other techniques are also famous for the straightening of them.

You can check our sitestraighten eyelashes if you want to know more about this technique of getting rid of the problem of the weird directional growth of lashes.

But if you want a permanent solution to trichiasis then you need medical assistance. Consult a doctor without any delay.

Final thoughts

All and all, this growth of eyelash hair in a weird direction is not something normal and you should not be left it untreated.

Many people apply different methods to treat them before getting to know that which one is suitable for them.

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