Why No Prescription Dog Supplies Stores Are Important

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Dogs have always been associated with being the best companion that any man can ever have. They are loyal and will always be there to protect their masters in any instance. It is only appropriate that people who have dogs must also see to their care and well-being. When your dog gets sick, you should see that they get the necessary treatment as quickly as possible. However, purchasing medicines for your dog may become a hassle, especially if you are required to get a prescription from a licensed veterinarian before you can purchase the medications that your dog urgently needs. Fortunately, there are no rx dog supplies stores that you can buy medicines from without the need to show prescriptions. Here are some of the benefits you will get from purchasing medicines from dog supply stores that do not require prescriptions.

Faster Access to Much Needed Treatment. While a veterinarian will accurately diagnose what is wrong with your dog, it may take a lot of time before the vet will get a chance to check on your dog, especially if there are a lot of other pets in line. As a pet owner, you may already know what is wrong with your dog and know what medication to give your pet. In an emergency, a quick run to a no rx dog supplies store may be just what you need to save your dog. However, you should only skip the visit to the vet if and only if you have experienced a similar situation with your dog and know exactly the right treatment that worked last time. Furthermore, there are no rx dog supplies stores with qualified personnel such as pharmacists who have extensive knowledge of the pet medications they are dispensing.

Determine the Availability of Stocks Online. It is frustrating to drive to the nearest pet shop or pharmacy to find out that your dog’s medication is not in stock or that they do not sell the medication without a veterinary prescription. So, instead of physically shopping for the medication around your vicinity, you can check the medication’s availability from a no rx dog supplies online store. This practice is advisable if you are in no hurry to get a hold of the medication. For example, if your dog’s current medication is running low, but you still have enough time to have a replacement medication delivered.

Get Free Online Consultation. Most often than not, online dog supplies stores that sell medications will have an in-house veterinarian or vet assistant that may handle your queries and may give you free consultations on what your dog will need.

Immediate Access to Flea and Tick Medications. Some tick and flea preventive medications may be strong enough to cause harmful effects on your dog, especially if these medications are given orally like medications containing Spinosad. For extreme flea and tick infestation cases, it is best to consult with a veterinarian who will recommend the proper medication at the right dosage according to your dog’s body weight. However, if the tick and flea infestation is manageable, some medications do not require a prescription, which you can buy at online pet supply stores.

Consulting a veterinarian is still the best action to ensure that your dog is properly cared for. However, there are times when you need to purchase emergency medications from a no rx dog supplies store for immediate treatment for your pets.

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