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Aunty Donna

In today’s time when everyone is stressed out with their personal and professional problems, it is important for everyone to also have an escape from them. As too much stress and tension not only affect your mind but your body too. So you need to find a way to relax up your mind every now and then. This way, you can keep your mind and body healthy. One of the best escape from stress is comedy. Let it be comedy movies/shows, funny videos or stand-up comedy, each one of them relaxes up your mind. That is the reason why comedy is one of the most loved genres. It is fun and entertaining and for a while, lets you forget all your problems. One such escaping comedy YouTube channel, that can entertain you with their funny videos, is Aunty Donna.

Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna is a very popular Australian comedy group that performs sketch comedy. The group has three performers, Broden Kelly, Mark Samual Bonanno, and Zachary Ruane. These people write for their own performances. The group also includes writer/director Sam Lingham, composer Tom Armstrong, and Filmmaker Max Miller. All these people met each other at the University of Ballarat’s Arts Academy in 2011 and decided to form this group. They debuted with a show named, “Aunty Donna in Pantsuits.” After this, the group has performed at several festivals and events and has been nominated for various awards.

Previously, Aunty Donna consisted of more people. But then Joe Kosky and Adrian Dean left it for their careers in music and law. The group has a YouTube channel with the same name, “Aunty Donna”. And they regularly upload comedy videos on it. They have over 290 thousand subscribers and people absolutely love their videos. This is because of the unique and funny content that they use to make their videos.

The inspiration behind their name is quite interesting. It is not that they have an Aunt named Donna. Instead, when they formed the group they were confused between three names. The first one was ‘ANT,’ the second one was ‘The TEA Party,’ and the third one was ‘Donna.’ So they decided to combine all three of them and came up with AntTEA Donna, or Aunty Donna.

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Here is a list of some of the famous Aunty Donna’s live shows:

  • Aunty Donna in Pantsuits
  • Aunty Donna and the Fax Machine Shop
  • Aunty Donna’s World’s Greatest Showbag
  • Aunty Donna: Big Boys
  • Aunty Donna: Glennridge Secondary College
  • Aunty Donna: Glennridge Graduation Party

The group won several awards for these shows. Also, they went on various tours for performing some of these shows.

Talking about their YouTube channel, they have various sketch comedy videos on it. And many of their videos have managed to reach more than 600 thousand people. Their most recent video that was uploaded on 16th April 2020, was named, “Filling Up on Cheese Before Dinner.” This is the third episode of the series ‘The Rove Tapes’ and it has got around 380 thousand views till now.

Filling Up on Cheese Before Dinner

Aunty Donna never fails to impress their viewers. They always come up with sleek and impressive content that is loved by all. And there is nothing different with this new video. The video starts with Broden Kelly serving some cheese starters to the other two members of the group. He informs them that the main course is just getting ready and they should not fill up with cheese. After that, all three of them laugh madly.

When he comes back after 15 minutes to tell them that the main course is not far off, Zach tells him that he can’t have it. Broden again confirms what Zach said, to which Zach makes himself clear that he can’t have the main course as he filled up on cheese. And Mark too joins Zach as he also filled up on cheese. After this, Broden goes mad and starts torturing both of them. Because he asked them to not fill up on cheese and still they did it.

After a lot of drama, Mark comes up it an idea of dinner. Then all three of them were shown having a peaceful dinner, with Mark and Zach’s plates empty and only Broden having food. They both say that they loved the food and the video ends there.

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This can be called a classic sketch comedy video by Aunty Donna.

Reason for following them

Aunty Donna

The very first reason to follow Aunty Donna is that they do sketch comedy. Sketch comedy is the genre of comedy in which the comics explore a situation or a character. Not only it is more interesting than other genres, but the sketch comedy pieces are meant to be small. The act is of anything between 1 to 10 minutes. This is because the comics do not want to show the situation or character in much depth. So by following them, you will get short comedy videos that you can watch anywhere anytime.

Another reason is the uniqueness of their content. The group members always manage to come up with new and innovative ideas for their videos. Which makes the videos worth watching. And what is better than finding such comedy videos in this quarantine.

Aunty Donna is one of the most amazing YouTube pages and comedy groups that you should be following.

The Donation Link

As everybody is stuck in the coronavirus pandemic, many are taking initiatives to help the ones in need. This is the most difficult time for the doctors as they have to deal with thousands of infected patients every day. And nobody can thank them enough for the efforts that they are showing. So with their recent video, the comedy group mentioned a link in the description. This link directs the viewers to the donation page of the Aunty Donna’s official website.

They are collecting this donation for the doctors who are working day and night in the crisis without thinking about themselves. The donation can be done by anyone from anywhere in the world. This is a great initiative from the group’s side as they can easily reach out to thousands of people with their videos, influence them to help others and collect a decent amount to help the doctors. Kudos to them!

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