Why Your Small Business Needs a Facebook Page?

Why Your Small Business Needs a Facebook Page?

Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users and the availability of such a huge audience on one platform makes it the perfect place to promote anything. As you likely know almost every business, both big and small, has a Facebook page. Why do they have a Facebook page? Nowadays Facebook is one of the first places people look for a business. People trust Facebook and use it to gauge what kind of reputation a business has. This is why it’s so important to not only have a Facebook page but to continuously try and foster new growth.

As a business owner having a Facebook page helps you, find new customers, stay connected to your existing customers, learn who your customers are via Facebook Insights. establish a brand presence online and much much more. All of these things are what makes Facebook the perfect marketing platform for your business.

So if you don’t have a Facebook page for your small business and you need more convincing as to the benefits of having one then read on.

Facebook Insights

Facebook provides business with an excellent tool named Facebook insight. This tool is totally free to use and when properly used it can be your best weapon for drumming up new business. This tool provides you with a boatload of valuable information about the fans on your page.

It will tell you things about your followers such as:

  • their age
  • where they are located
  • information on their interests

Aside from information directly about your followers, it will also tell you when it’s the best time of day to post, what is the best day of the week to post and more. You can even select a timeframe which will allow you to see the number of active users on your page at a given time. By checking Facebook insights frequently you can tailor your posting for maximum performance. It’s a really powerful tool and can push your business to new heights.

Community Building

Building a strong community on Facebook pages is a must. When you have a strong community supporting you and your business it will make it that much easier to attract new customers. The key is keeping everyone happy and making people feel important. Here are a few ways to quickly build your community.

  1. Run contents: Try running a contest on your Facebook page. Have people share a promotional video or image on their social media pages. Users can use a FB downloader to download and repost the content. Reward the winners with a free giveaway or even a large one-time discount code for your businesses storefront.
  2. Organize events: Organize an event for members of your community and encourage them to bring friends and family. This will give you a great opportunity to interact in person with your fans.
  3. Offer coupons: Offering exclusive coupons codes and running surprise flash sales is a great way to get people to join your community on Facebook. People love saving money and some wouldn’t dare miss to buy something when a sale is on… especially if it’s a product of brand that they love.
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Of course, there is a lot more to building a community than this. Typically the ideas outlined above are things that you do when you’ve already established a large following. And getting that large following another task in itself.

Target Audience

Before you started your business you likely did some research on who your perfect customer is. The perfect customer is your target audience and is who you should be trying to attract to your page. Once you’ve figured out who is your target audience you need to start trying to communicating with them. You can communicate with them by posting images, videos, tips or anything that you think would be appealing to them.

More than ever it’s important to be posting high-quality content on Facebook. Facebook has algorithms that only show a fraction of all posts in a person’s feed. This is why it’s critical to make eye-catching posts that will draw the reader in.

Posting frequently is also another important measure to consider. You should be posting at least once every few days. Don’t post too frequently or your fans will get annoyed, which may lead them to distance themselves from your brand. Quantity doesn’t necessarily drive more engagement, focus on making sure each post is unique with something valuable to offer your audience. As we mentioned before you can use Facebook insights to determine the best times to post which will provide you with the most engagement.

Remember that building your brand’s Facebook presence will take time, so think of it as a long term investment. Eventually, you’ll start seeing the results you want and all the hard work will have been worth it.

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Beneficial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It has been heavily debated whether or not Facebook provides any SEO benefit for your business. Regardless of what the naysayers believe, Facebook does make an impact on SEO.

While Google claims that social media signals do nothing for boosting your SEO ranking, Facebook does improve your visibility on the web. Droves of Facebook pages are indexed on Google and are some of the top results in searches. When organic traffic is drawn to your Facebook page it will inherently affect your website. Users will click through from your Facebook posts, directing traffic directly to your business website and blog. Social media should be part of your search engine optimization strategy.


Having a Facebook page for your business is great for building a reputation. It may not be for every business but this is something that you’ll have to determine on your own. In this article, we have weighed in with a few reasons to why Facebook such an effective platform. We hope you have a clearer idea as to which direction you want to go

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