You Wish You Had These Installed in Your Bathroom Renovation

Installed in Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is more than just a utilitarian place. Aside from being a functional room in your home, it is considered a place for relaxation. There are now many new bathroom trends that could elevate your bathroom experience and provide efficiency and aesthetics. If you just recently underwent a bathroom remodeling project or planning to get one, here some bathroom installations that you wish you had installed in your bathroom renovation: 

Windows In The Shower 

One of the biggest enemies in a bathroom is humidity. Most of the time, exhaust fans aren’t enough to get rid of the humidity. Installing a window in your shower area eliminates that problem quickly. Plus, isn’t it great to have fresh air while you get a nice shower? You don’t always need to leave the window open. You can just open it during or after you shower. 

Because the bathroom requires a lot of privacy, you could use frosted glass or install a frosted film. This way, you could still let natural sunlight in your bathroom while being protected from the outside world. Also, if you do decide to install a shower window during your bathroom remodeling, remember to have the window sill sloped downwards so that water would drain easily.  

Small Textured Tiles 

A fun and safe way to give your bathroom a little personality is by adding design to your floors. Safety is the biggest priority when renovating your bathroom. Bathroom floors usually get wet. Opting for textured tiles provides more friction and lessens the chances of making the floor slippery. Plus, when you go for small tiles, you need more grout. That grout also makes your floor less slippery. You could also mix and match different tile colors or go for geometric-shaped tiles for a fun design. 

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Statement Tubs

People don’t always use bathtubs. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a statement tub. Installing a stylish tub in your bathroom gives it a more relaxing vibe. You could go for free-standing tubs that are separated from the shower so you could choose which one to use. Statement tubs are there to make your bathroom feel luxurious and inviting, so place it somewhere noticeable. Let your tub be the center of attention by literally putting it in the center of the bathroom. 

Hidden Toilet Tanks 

Probably the biggest eyesore in the bathroom is the toilet. If you don’t want to get expensive high-tech toilets like the ones made in Japan, you could opt to install a toilet that has a hidden tank. This kind of toilet has its water tank mounted inside the wall. Going for this saves space and gives your bathroom a more sleek and minimalistic design. This type of toilet is especially great if you have a small bathroom.

There are a lot of ways to turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa during your bathroom remodeling. Installing something as simple as windows could make your bathroom feel light and airy, or you go for a statement tub to make your bathroom feel luxurious. These installations will surely elevate your bathroom. You will wish you had these.

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