YouTuber Landon McBroom speaks out about his illness

Landon Mcbroom

YouTube has become a popular platform for people to express themselves through videos. From stand-up comedy to product reviews, every kind of video can be found on YouTube. This is because of the globalization of the internet. As high-speed internet is easily available on cheaper price now, so people can afford to watch high-quality data on all their devices. Which is why the demand for videos increased. Videos are more expressive than the written form of content. Also, they are convenient as not everyone likes to read long articles and blogs, but a long video can be watched online. Due to this increased demand for videos, more and more people are joining YouTube. And if their content is good enough, their channel and videos start trending on the platform in no time. One such famous YouTube channel is ‘THIS IS L&S.’ The YouTube channel is run by a couple, Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker. Before jumping to the details of their latest video, here are some details about the YouTubers and their channel.

Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker

Landon Mcbroom


Landon McBroom is a famous 23-year-old YouTuber. His brother Austin McBroom also runs a popular YouTube channel with the name ‘The ACE Family.’ Both McBroom brothers are athletes and Landon is a certified trainer.

Shyla Walker, Landon McBroom’s girlfriend, is a beautiful and popular 22-year-old YouTuber. She is praised for her perfect looks and she loves to maintain herself by regularly visiting the gym. She and Landon met in 2016, via twitter. Since then, people have always seen them together. Their relationship falls under the definition of #couplegoals. People love watching them together on their YouTube channel. Shyla gave birth to an adorable daughter in December 2019. The couple named their daughter ‘Souline.’

While Landon McBroom’s life has been a little open because of his brother Austin, Shyla Walker remains a little under the radar. She does not mention anything about her parents or her childhood. Maybe because she loves to keep her life private, unlike most of the popular people out there.


After dating for quite some time, Landon and Shyla started their YouTube channel in March 2017, with the name “THIS IS L&S”. But they did not upload any video for a few months. Their first YouTube video came out on 22nd June 2017. The video was titled, ‘WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL![Q&A].’ The couple has been sharing their journey with their fans since then.

Their channel has managed to gain over 2.7 Million subscribers till now. They regularly upload vlogs about their couple’s journey along with various funny prank and reaction videos. The two main reasons for their channel’s popularity are:

  • Their content is pretty good. They manage to produce some awesome content that is loved by their audience. The regular vlogs contain their fun moments and they also share their relationship ups and downs with their fans. Which is why people consider them to be genuine and love them.
  • They are regular with their work. Landon and Shyla do not fail to upload at least 3 to 5 videos in a week. This way, they keep their subscribers updated of their lives and also keep them busy. Regular uploads are one of the most strategies for gaining more subscribers.

The Recent Video

Recently, Shyla uploaded a new video on their channel with the title, “ÏT’S TIME WE SHARE THIS…” The video started with Landon McBroom showing himself in a hospital’s environment. He informed his fans that even though he is sick, his faith is high. Landon mentioned how he misses Shyla and his daughter, but he can’t be with them right now.

The video then switches to Shyla, who was sitting in her car. Shyla started by telling people that she hopes everyone is safe and healthy. (Valium) She then informs that Landon and she has been discussing and debating for a while on recording this video. And that she just wants to motivate people who have a similar situation, through this video. She and Landon do not want any pity or sympathy, they only want their fans’ prayers and strength.

Shyla keeps breaking down throughout the video, while she is telling the people about how Landon has been sick for a while now. And how this is the first time that Landon has left her and his daughter alone and how it is hard for her without him. She then shows Landon’s hospital journey, in which she mentions that Landon went for a biopsy.

Then the video switches to various small messages from Landon’s family and friends, who wish him to be healthy again. They all tell him that they support him and love him. The messages end with the last message from Shyla and Souline, in which Shyla tells Landon that they miss him and she knows they will together soon. At the ending of the video, they  promise to keep their fans updated as they prompt a message, “TO BE CONTINUED.”

Fans’ Concern

Landon Mcbroom


Many of their fans have been noticing a change in Landon McBroom’s appearance. And they all have been commenting the same on some of their recent videos. While some of them are showing concern about his health, the others are making judgments such as he is doing drugs. Some of the fans also said that this might be because he has become a father recently and he has to take care of his daughter. Which can be a little exhausting.

Shyla mentions these comments in the video too. She says that people should not judge others like this because they do not know what the other person might be going through. She tells her fans that Landon has been dealing with the sickness for a long time now and he behaves really strong even though he is in pain. Which is why she considers him to be her hero.

Landon McBroom is going through a tough time. And it is equally tough for Shyla and his family. The video has managed to reach more than 2 million people now, and they all wish luck and health to Landon.

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