Zero Emissions and Sustainable Construction

As of September 2021, the built environment, of which the construction industry plays a crucial role, contributed some 40% of the total emissions for the whole of the UK, and worldwide, it is estimated that the construction sector accounts for around 11% of global emissions.

The UK has set national emission reduction targets of 68% by 2030, and 78% by 2035, and there is a need for the construction industry to adopt more sustainable construction methods, whether that be through the more efficient use and re-use of materials, more efficient building designs, or using non-fossil fuel-powered machinery and welfare systems.

Garic is one of the most trusted and leading specialised plant and welfare facility providers in the UK, their approach to sustainable construction comes from the fuels they are using to power their products. The end goal is of course zero net emissions, although as an industry, there is still some way from achieving this goal. Garic is constantly evolving their product lines, and each time they are taking one step further in the right direction. 

The Latest Innovation

Garic are delighted to announce that thanks to their latest manufacturing processes, the new Hybrid Welfare Van 2.0 provides the modern comfort their customers have come to expect with any of their Welfare Vans, but with additional environmental benefits!

Powered by hybrid solar energy, and being HVO enabled, this product offers a very low carbon footprint. On top of this, the toilet and drying room have been combined, creating a larger space without compromising on the facilities. While you also have access to critical data, including real-time location and event tracking, driver behaviour insights, fuel efficiency and much more thanks to the premium telematics which come as standard. (Modafinil)  

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Key environmental features: 

  • 200Kg of carbon savings per week (standard use)* (35-70L diesel p/w)
  • Annualised circa 10 tons of CO2 savings
  • Low carbon footprint (47.9mpg)
  • HVO ready

Our Eco Product Range – Designed with Sustainable Construction in Mind

Garic have a history of innovation, and that innovation is used to create some industry-leading welfare products and site equipment. The newest lines of products are something of a double-edged sword, not only will they dramatically reduce the emissions on any given site, but they will also save you a considerable amount of money on fuel. What’s not to love?!

They have developed, and patented their own (award-winning) solar technology, which is not only designed to tackle the issue of CO2 emissions but also to reduce your costs, all while minimising noise, vibration and the need for servicing! Now that’s what we call sustainable construction!

Their eco product range consists of:

  • Static welfare units
  • Mobile welfare units
  • Towable welfare units
  • Tower lights
  • Energy stores
  • And more!

You can find more information on all of Garic’s eco-friendly products by visiting their website or by contacting Garic to discuss your product needs. 

Their end goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the future and to provide sustainable construction solutions for work sites up and down the country, helping you to reduce your costs, and your carbon footprint.

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