When you need of heart bypass surgery?

The time when blood is unable to flow all the way easily through the arteries of your heart, the doctor will recommend a heart bypass surgery. It is necessary as the heart delivers oxygen all through the body through the arteries. If your arteries contain blockages, then the part of the heart may not get proper oxygen, and in severe case, you may die. Heart bypass surgery involves placing artery around your blockages so that you can get improved blood supply to your heart muscles.

Symptoms of clogged arteries

Heart diseases are considered as the most common type of cardiovascular diseases and are also one of the leading causes of sudden deaths. It is necessary to know the primary symptoms of clogged arteries so that you can consult the doctor as soon as possible and can delay severe conditions. However, symptoms vary from person to person, but some of the common symptoms are :

  •       Lower back pain

Arteries to the lower back are the foremost to accumulate plaque and show warning signs of blockage. Reduce blood flow to the back weaken the disks and lead to pain and pinched nerves.

  •       Erectile dysfunction

It is also one of the common symptoms of clogged pores in many cases. The time blood flow to the penis is reduced; it leads to sexual dysfunction.

  •       Stroke

The time plague accumulates in arteries the path of blood flow blocks and narrows, and it deprive part of the brain of getting ample oxygenated blood. Hence without oxygen brain cells die, and it leads to stroke.

 What actually happens during heart bypass surgery?

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Heart bypass surgery helps you to relieve chest pain, and during the surgery, your surgeon will use a blood vessel from your leg or chest or arm to bypass a narrowed section of the coronary artery. Your arteries get narrowed the time when fatty deposits build up on the inner walls. The main goal of heart bypass surgery is to bypass or to get around the narrowed or blocked part of the coronary arteries. This surgery is done by grafting blood vessels between the aorta i.e., the main blood vessel leaving the heart along with the coronary artery, which passes through the narrowed section. In mostly all the cases, at least one of the blood vessels are utilized as a bypass graft is an artery taken from your chest, which is also known as the internal mammary artery. Blood vessels from other parts like vein from your arms or legs are used for other grafts.

Benefits of heart bypass surgery

Heart bypass surgery is a surgical process that is performed to improve blood flow to the heart by bypassing blocked arteries. Heart bypass surgery brings many long term benefits and is safe and proven option to get a healthy life. Below are some benefits of heart bypass surgery

  •       Your chest pain will go away
  •       It will lower your chances of heart attack
  •       You will get more energy for physical activities

Hearts bypass surgery cost in India

Heart bypass surgery cost in India ranges between USD 4500 to USD 6000, and owing to the advancements in various techniques, the heart bypass surgery nowadays has attained a success rate very close to 100 percent. The care after Heart bypass surgery is essential, which includes intermittent checkups with a cardio surgeon. Many tests may also be performed to keep a regular check on the functioning of the heart after bypass surgery. Some test includes EKG, stress testing along with echocardiogram.

Top doctors for heart bypass surgery in India

  •       Dr. Ashok Seth, New Delhi
  •       Dr. Naresh Trehan, Gurgaon
  •       Dr. Ajay Kaul, New Delhi
  •       Dr. Murtaza Ahmen Chisti, Gurgaon

 The best way is to consult your doctor, and he/she will help you to decide if heart bypass surgery is right for you or not. If yes, then how to prepare for a healthy life.

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