10 Beauty Hacks That Work For Everyone

beauty hacks

We always see the celebrities and wonder how they manage to look so flawless and stunning. We also try everything, exercise, diet, makeup, hair accessories, and whatever they recommend. But there is always something that does not go as planned and keeps us from achieving that flawless look. It can be either a dried-up mascara, a bleeding lipstick or a last-minute makeup mishap. But with the internet in our hands, we can achieve anything in life, so why not a flawless look.

You can easily find many beauty hacks that are available on the internet. However, not all of them work for everyone. While the right beauty hacks can help you in looking better, the wrong ones can have worse consequences and some of them won’t even work. And with so many available on the internet, it is hard to decide which one will work for you. Not to worry anymore, here are 10 beauty hacks that will do wonders for you.

1. Toner hack

 beauty hacks

You must be applying your toner by taking it on a cotton pad. This method is stopping you from getting a flawless skin. The cotton pads contain some chemicals that can harm your skin and body. So the next time you apply your toner, take a little bit of it directly in your hands and press it in your skin. This will also save the quantity of toner that the cotton pad soaks while allowing other skincare products to penetrate better in your skin.

2. The 60 seconds rule

How much time do you devote to your face wash? 20 or maybe 30 seconds max. This much time is not enough to clean your face properly. And dirty face leads to clogging of pores and breakouts. But, there is a ‘60 seconds rule’ for a proper face wash that you can follow. The rule states that washing your face for 60 seconds, with a suitable cleanser, helps in breaking the dirt on your face better. Also, the ingredients of the cleanser require this much time to activate and work on your skin. If you will wash your face for 60 seconds every day, there will be visible results in just a few days.

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3. Coconut oil for makeup removal

You remember the last time your makeup remover got over and you had to rush to the store to buy a new one because you cannot sleep with your makeup on? Well, with this beauty hack, you will not have to rush anywhere next time. Instead of a makeup remover, take some coconut oil in your palm, rub it to melt it and then massage it on your face. You will see your makeup melting off instantly. Wipe it with a tissue and wash your face with a cleanser afterwards.

4. Get gel eyeliner effect from a pencil eyeliner

 beauty hacks

Nobody would disagree that pencil eyeliners are tough to handle. Your eyelids are really soft and sensitive. And rubbing a pencil eyeliner on them can irritate them. But not to waste the already bought pencil, you can expose it to some heat and it will give an effect of a gel liner. To do so, you can lit a lighter or a candle near the tip of the liner and it will melt a bit and become smoother for better application.

5. The perfume that will last long

If your perfume often wears off, this hack is for you. Apply the perfume right after you have taken a shower. As your body’s humidity at the moment helps it penetrate better in the skin and last longer. If you are refreshing your perfume later in the day or you forgot to apply it after the shower, do not worry. Because you can apply a little petroleum jelly under your perfume, which will make it last longer

6. Dried Mascara

Out of all the makeup products, mascara is the first one to dry. It dries very often that investing in a new mascara every time it dries, can be an expensive option. So, what you need to do here is, whenever your mascara dries up, mix a few drops of lens solution into it and warm the bottle. This will help in proper mixing of all the ingredients and your mascara will be good as new.

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7. Shaving your face

Shaving your face is a good option for many reasons. As it removes all the peach fuzz and hair from your face, the skincare products penetrate better into the skin. Also, makeup application becomes smoother and your makeup looks more natural. And just to be clear, shaving your facial hair does not make them grow thicker. But still shaving is a choice, not a compulsion. So, do it only if you want to.

8. Scrub your lips

 beauty hacks

If you want to wear matte lipsticks (that are so in trend) but you are scared of chapped and flaky lips, then here is a beauty hack for you. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub and apply a lip serum or balm on them. After that, apply your matte lipstick for a smooth finish. There are many lip scrubs available in the market. But if you do not want to spend on it, you can also make a DIY lip scrub by mixing honey and sugar. It works wonders for lips.

9. Correct then conceal

If you have been using a concealer to hide all the black spots and dark circles on your face, then you are doing it wrong. The concealer does not hide those dark spots perfectly. For a more natural effect, you have to apply a colour corrector first and then apply a concealer on it. This will help in hiding all the dark spots perfectly.

10. Use concealer before lipstick

Apply a little lip balm on your lips, then apply concealer and then apply your lipstick. This beauty hack is especially for nude lipsticks, but you can use it with any colour. The concealer helps the colour of the lipstick pop and the lipstick looks better.


Beauty can be a tricky business. But with these beauty hacks, you can easily achieve flawless skin and makeup. Also, if you are trying something out for the first time on your skin, like shaving, then try it for a smaller area and see if it suits your skin or not. Go further, only if suits. Also, we don’t know about the thousand other beauty hacks available on the internet, but these beauty hacks will definitely work for everyone.


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