5 Great tips to use Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development

5 Great tips to use Artificial Intelligence in mobile application development

From dawn to dusk the only companion of people is Smartphones composed of a mobile application. People need a mobile phone for every day to day task to get done. Mobile app developer takes this chance to give their best to develop the mobile application for day to day task for the customer.

Apart from the traditional Smartphones application, peoples or organization need something new with exciting technology. This results in implementing Artificial intelligence to emerge in mobile app development. Best AI app developers working hard in giving the exciting technology to the user with mobile apps.

The regime of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

In this era, most of the modern techniques are developed in a faster manner. One of the important technologies used is AI; some of the beginners tend to create an issue at the initial level. It mainly designed to work on the basis of studying the constant behavior of humans to work based on it. The developers who are involved in the development of newer machines have the same strategy of basic thinking.

It is difficult to exclaim that this gigantic technology was not raised in a single day. There are more and more successful achievements created by developers globally. One of the important usages is the development of Chatbots. The real fact is that Chatbot is not a new technology; it emerged almost ten years ago. Siri is a remarkable software developed by Apple to help the people who use the iPhone.

In the beginning stage, AI initiated with Google and Apple for the further enhancement of the translating machines. It was a great breakthrough regarding innovative ideas. Next, Spotify decides to proceed on with the same for the audio data. Lists of AI apps were available for Android and iOS platforms too. This is a highly promising one and a powerful technology; going to bring huge positive changes in the futuristic world of IT. It is better to take the consideration of interference in a concerted process of development; tackling of innovative techniques in a business is a vital factor.   

Using Artificial Intelligence for personalized content

It is an important work of a mobile app developer to analyze user’s behavior and preference to develop the business in various streams. Artificial Intelligence aids the business organization in determining user’s behavior and preferences. For a sample, in a retail shop customer interest are sorted out through the past purchase history. Similarly, web shows channel like Netflix could give the recommendation list of movies and shows to find the customers interest and preference.

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Presenting service based on customer interest is one of the basic ways to develop business in various sectors. This technique retains the customer to engage with the brand. With Artificial intelligence, the company could show that they are paying attention to the customer based on likes and dislikes. Thus delivering personalized content helps in customer engagement, user retention and revenue for mobile app developers.

Use Artificial intelligence for IoT apps

A mobile application is high works in replacing the important household gadgets to ease the user. The idea of IoT enabled mobile app is by collecting the information from the user from past data and react accordingly. For instance, the IoT based mobile app grabs the data of sleeping routine and automatically endeavor to wake the customer.

Even navigation in the Smartphone is done through Artificial intelligence. With the aid of GPS, the mobile application automatically identifies the location of the user and explains the better possible transportation means or alternative.

Google Assistant is one of the greatest milestones of Artificial intelligence in which a user can interact with the bots. This application helps a user to notify the date and time of the meeting. Google assistant engaged with music application records the listening pattern and suggest the tracklist according to the wish list of a user.

IOT based health app use computer voice speech for a real-time update of the running speed of the user and suggest the recommended running speed according to the heartbeat rate.

Utilize voice-powered technology

One of the largest breakthroughs of Artificial intelligence is Voice recognition and Voice interaction with electronic devices. A statistic says that about 1 million voice searches are conducted per month. In the future, technology or devices will work with only voice interaction and not without screens. This is where future technology highly depends on.

Artificial intelligence is used as virtual assistants using voice-powered technology. This allows the user to switch on the certain features of the mobile application with the help of AI-powered machines like Cortana or Siri.

For instance, Domino’s engaged with Amazon Alexa into their mobile app so a customer could order pizza while doing other productive work. This hands-free application helps the user for multitasking with excitement.

Utilize AI to respond to the customer

The customer needs to call or contact the organization or business to customer care support for the queries and suggestion. This process is replaced by Artificial Intelligence by introducing the smart Mobile app to respond to the customer. This mobile app would be able to interact or communicate with the user like a human with a smart reply. This interaction is recorded to identify the queries, feedbacks, likelihood of the customer for the future purpose.

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This process is working on the concept of collecting the appropriate answers from previous queries of the customer. The relevant answers are recorded and answered for similar future questions. This technique not only increases your team productivity but also increase your overall revenue. Utilizing Artificial intelligence in the mobile application to respond to the customer is the smartest brand strategy to develop the business.

Elements to be considered while developing a Mobile app with artificial intelligence


Learning is the process to identify, store and use the data for the future. Trial and error is the basic concept of learning to develop the insight of a particular domain. The program is designed in such a way to try different attempts and choose the precise one and stores the solution for future use.


Mobile apps are developed to do the specific predefined task as per user commands which are pre-programmed. Artificial intelligence creates a milestone by making the application to think and reasons as human do. This enables the enhanced interaction process between human and device. Mobile app developers use relevant inferences for improving reasoning ability of the system.


Users seek Mobile app for every day to day task, questions, and solution to their problems. This is possible by giving a solution to some pre-defined solution or goal that is programmed to a mobile app. Mobile app developers are highly engaged with artificial intelligence in giving complete problem-solving skill to the device.


Artificial Intelligence is a significant key area of future scope. Mobile apps using Artificial intelligence is highly magnificent. Copying or cloning the mobile with artificial intelligence is easy but developing the app integrating with is the big challenge and gains the reputation to your app and brand. The above-given steps help you in give you a better quality AI app. Other than above concepts still many more topics have to be considered to develop a good AI mobile app.

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