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Do you ever feel how deep breathing is helpful to feel relaxed? If yes, you are a fitness freak else; now it is the right time to feel the power of deep breathing. Have you ever notice how you breathe before going to bed or wake up in the morning, you will feel peace for your body and mind both. Breathing exercise is helpful to make your body relaxed because it makes your body and brain as you think during relaxation time.

So, in this article, you will get to know the complete details about breathing exercises, such as what it is? How do we perform to get the best result? What are the advantages and disadvantages, etc.?

What is the breathing exercise?

Breathing exercise is one of the processes of respiration in which, the air is passing directly inside the lungs through the nose and mouth which cause of muscle deflation, and it is breath out due to muscle defermentation. If you are interested in trying breathing practice to reduce stress, anxiety and lung functions, here are ten simple breathing exercises that are helpful to release stress. So, start with them to make your life enjoyable by reducing excess stress.

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Start with pursed lips breathing:

Pursed lips breathing is one of the simple breathing techniques, which makes slow down of your breathing pace by applying this effort in every breath.

You are open to doing practice lip breathing any time, and it is beneficial, especially in the following activities such as stair climbing, bending and lifting.

You have to do practice this exercise four to five times daily in a day to be used to with it.

To do this:

  • First, relax your neck and shoulders
  • If the mouth is open, keep your mouth close and inhale air through the nose for only two counts
  • Purse lips as you are going to whistle
  • Exhale blowing air slowly via pursed lips for the count of 4
Diaphragmatic breathing:

For this kind of breathing will help you to use your diaphragm correctly. Once you feel relaxed, then perform this diaphragmatic breathing.

Practice this deep diaphragmatic breathing around 3-4 times in a day for up to 10 minutes to relax.

It is prevalent that you might feel tired once you begin but feel relaxed over time, and it would be more comfortable and feel more natural.

For diaphragmatic breathing, you need to do the following things:

  • Lie down on the back with bending knees, and your head should be at the pillow side
  • For support, place a pillow under knees for the support purpose
  • You have to remember one hand over upper chest and another one below rig cage that let you feel your diaphragm moments
  • Let the blow come out from the nose, and you might feel stomach is being pressed via hands
  • Try to keep your one hand in the stationary mode if it is possible
  • It would help if you exhaled using pursed lips as you stretch stomach muscles and it is advisable to keep your upper hand in a still mode completely.
Deep breathing focus practice:

This kind of technique works on focus word. By which choosing any focus works that make you relaxed and happy. For example, relax, peace, let go etc. it can be any word that is enough to make you happy, and you need to do this practice repeatedly.

In the starting time, you can opt for 10 minutes and increase the duration gradually up to 20 minutes session.

For doing that:

  • First, lie down in a comfortable position.
  • You need to bring breathing awareness without changing breathing techniques.
  • You need to do normal breaths and deep breaths simultaneously and notice the timing between normal breathing and deep breathing. So start focus practice to make himself relaxed.
  • Always do exercise for deep breathing for a few minutes.
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Lion’s breath:

It is known as one of the energizing yoga techniques which are used to relieve tension from chest and face. This yoga seems like the lion’s pose. So, it is known as lion’s breath

Procedure to do this:

  • First, come into a comfortable position and sit back on your heels or sit with cross legs
  • Now press palms against your knees and spread out your fingers wide
  • Directly inhale air through the nose deeply and open eyes widely
  • At the same time, open your mouth widely and stick out your tongue and perform tip down towards your chin
Nostril breathing alternatively:

 It is also known as Nadi Shodhana Pranayam, and it is for better practice for relaxation. Nostril breathing is better to practice to enhance cardiovascular functionality and lower heart rate.

 It is the best result when it is performed on an empty stomach. You should avoid this practice if you are feeling any health problem. You always keep your breath smooth throughout the whole procedure.

Equal breathing:

It is known as Sama Vritti, and this kind of breathing techniques majorly focus on making inhale and exhale of the same length. Making breath smooth and balances will help you about equanimity.

Moreover, you should find that breath should not too easy or too difficult. You can maintain as per your standards throughout the whole practice.

Once you got equal breathing, you can do it at the time of yoga practice and other daily activities.

Sequential breathing:

It is also known as coherent breathing, and in this kind of breathing, a person breathes at the rate of 5 full breaths per minutes. You can find this rate by inhaling and exhaling for the five counts.

Deep breathing:

It is helpful to overcome the short breath length and helpful in getting a breath in more fresh air which helps you to feel more relaxed.

For deep breathing:

  • While sitting or standing, draw your elbows and allow the chest to expand more
  • Now you should take a deep inhalation through the nose
  • Now keep the breath for the five count
  • Released the breath slowly through the nose.
Why is breathing exercise helpful?

As we know that inhaling with deep breaths, make a drastic improvement in your lifestyle. Deep breathing exercise can lead to decrease stress, mind relaxation and for better sleep.

Breathing incorrect manner is very important for all, and it’s many benefits are countable, or some are uncountable.

Here some significant benefits are explained which will motivate everyone to go with a deep breathing exercise.
  • It is considered as one of the best natural pain killers when you do deep breathe. During deep breathing time, your body releases endorphins which are suitable for hormones and work as a natural pain killer.
  • When you go with a deep breath in upward and downward directions, the diaphragm helps to remove toxins from the body, and it is the best for promoting better blood flow.
  • When you do deep breathe, fresh oxygen comes in the body and comes out other toxin and carbon dioxide. It is also worked as natural toxin removal, which helps to increase your immunity level.
  • Deep breathing is helpful to slow down your heart rate, and your body takes more oxygen. It is also useful to balance hormones and increase endorphins in the body.
  • Deep breathing will give you a guaranteed, better sleep. For better sleep, take a long breath which sends a signal to your body for detoxifying and return senses in the form of calm which helps you for better sleep. As to increase blood flow, need more oxygen in the blood that leads to an increase high energy level.
  • Deep breathing is also helpful to maintain good posture. So, if you breathe properly, it is useful to have good poses. Try to take a deep breath and notice how your body straightens up during the in-depth breathing process when your lungs are filled up with air that is helpful to straighten up your spin naturally.
  • Deep breathing is also helpful to reduce acid from the body, which is one of the causes of inflammation. Stress is responsible for increasing the acidic level in the body and reducing stress.
  • Deep breathing is also helpful to improve the digestion system. Deep breathing supplies more oxygen in all the body parts, including the digestive system. Thus, the digestive system works more efficiently. Deep breathing increase blood flow that encourages intestinal action, which improves overall digestion.
  • Deep breathing is helpful to control your anger and tension. Your brain muscles are tightened when you are angry, and your breathing becomes slow, and at the time, your body is not getting the proper amount of oxygen. So, when you do a deep breath, oxygen flow will be appropriate, and it is helpful for your body and brain calm.
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Disadvantages of breathing practice

There are several advantages over deep breathing, but on the other hand, there are also several other disadvantages of deep breathing which we are discussing now.

Hard chest pain:

Most of the person has a heart problem, and they even do not know about it. So if they go with the deep breathing exercise, there might be a chance to have chest pain that causes of access to carbon dioxide loss and body hypoxia—other person experience of back pain, pain in stomach muscles and other difficulties like hypoxia and hypocapnia.

Deep breaths cause of coughing and other breathing difficulties:

Some persons with a respiratory condition such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc.) often feel breathing problem due to carbon dioxide, which is a potent bronchodilator. So, over-breathing is one of the significant causes of bronchospasm that can cause of low oxygen level into arterial blood cells. 

How is breathing helps to improve health?

Have you ever thought that average person breathed 12 to 20 times in minutes and 17000 to 30000 times in a day?

Most of the person does not think about it, and it leaves a destructive impact on your body and brain. So there are four different breathing ways to improve your physical health and mental mind.

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Breathing techniques to overcome muscle tension:

It would help if you tried to breathe exercise in the morning even before taking a cup of tea which helps to reduce muscle tension throughout the rest of the day.

  • First, stand up straight and later bend down at the west. Bend your knees slightly and letting down your arms close to the floor.
  • Now inhale deeply and slowly and returned in the previous position by slowly rolling your body in the upward direction and lifting your head.
  • Now you need to come back into original position on exhaling slowly.
  • Stretch muscles a little and repeat this procedure
Breathing ways for side pain:

 Peoples especially sports person, runner, experienced with side pain. And, it happens due to diaphragm spasms just like another type of muscles cramps. On the best benefit of deep breathing is to reduce the stress of the diaphragm and helpful in the side stitches. Belly breathing means you are using your stomach instead of the chest during breathing time. Chest breathing is associated with slow breathing, while stomach breathing is associated with slow breathing.

During running time, Do breathing profoundly and exhale air forcefully which push air into the lungs and one essential thing need to keep in mind that while you exhale. You should drop your shoulders, shake your arms and feel relaxed and take another high deep breath to run continuously.

Breathing techniques for high energy level:

Stimulating breath techniques is one of the best breathing techniques to boost up your body and mind. Yoga is one of the traditional ways to promote the diaphragm, and it is also known as the bellows breaths. In this kind of breathing techniques, it sends signals to the body to get more alerts and helpful to energize the whole body.

To do this, sit up and relax your shoulders, you close your mouth and inhale air rapidly through nose quick and short breaths. You should try to do about 10 seconds and thereafter take 15-30 seconds to breathe normally. Repeat this procedure several times a day.

In this article, it is clearly explained that what is breathing practice, type of breathing exercise, advantage and disadvantage of deep breathing exercise and, how breathing exercise is helpful to improve the health, how it is helpful to increase the energy level etc. 


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