Does Britney Spears Still Need Her Father as Her Conservator?

Does Britney Spears Still Need Her Father as Her Conservator?

Per the new documents filed by Los Angeles Superior Court, a judge has denied Britney Spears permission to terminate her father’s role as her conservator.

James Spears is the father and conservator of Britney Spears. But she is unwilling to continue to have her father as her main conservator. Her attorney Samuel Ingham III pleaded to the court to dislodge her father from the position. However, these documents have no connection to the hearing of the preceding week.

Britney Spears pleads for freedom

Spears gave an impactful 24-minute long powerful statement in that hearing. But that couldn’t be a decision changer for the judge because she had not filed a petition for termination till then. The judge couldn’t really take any decision based on what she merely uttered.

The documents of court filed on June 30 stated requests to terminate James Spears after the recruitment of California’s Bessemer Trust Company as the main conservator of her estate is turned down without any prejudice.

Citing that she feared her father, her attorney pleaded to remove him as early as November 2020. Spears even said she would not continue to perform if her father remained in that post. However, then also, Judge Brenda Penny refused to act in that manner. However, she was not against any further petition for suspension in the future. Also, she made Bessemer Trust, the financial company, as her co-conservator.

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The paperwork basically aimed at making Bessemer her co-conservator. Also, it was unwilling to remove Spears from junior Spear’s conservatorship.

Judge Penny signed this document on the same date when the singer alleged this conservatorship as “abusive.”

In her first public address during the 13-year-long conservatorship, Spears declared that her father controlled her life, her decisions. She added that her conservators should be behind bars. She further said that she wanted to take the entire family to court.

Does Britney Spears Still Need Her Father as Her Conservator?

Spears has global support

Spear’s plea has gained huge global attention. People across the world support her decision and want to see her father removed from the post.

However, the court filing on June 30 stated that Britney Spears could not supervise her financial resources and expenses. Also, the court finds her incapable of resisting any fraud.

After a massive public breakdown of Spears in 2008, James took up being her co-conservator and Andrew Wallet. After Wallet’s resignation in 2019, Spears became the sole conservator.

In September 2019, he relinquished his powers temporarily. Jodi Montgomery took up the responsibility for being her conservator of “her person.” This meant she was to look after the personal and medical well-being of Spears.

Her father retains the post of a sole conservator. Provided she continues to perform while being under restrictive conservatorship at her Las Vegas residence. Spears continues to manage her finances.

Jamie Spears enjoys the control, says Britney

As per the Variety reports, raising the paternal concern, Senior Spear’s attorney filed paperwork saying he did nothing wrong.

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The document said that Ms. Spears, as per her statement in court on June 30, was even unhappy with her problems with Jodi Montgomery regarding some medical and associated issues.

However, Montgomery replied that she was extremely concerned for Britney’s well-being and denied her father’s claims.

Paying no attention to what the judge ruled or what her father said, Britney was crystal-clear on her stance that she didn’t want her father as her sole conservator anymore.

Britney Spears further informed the judge that her father didn’t even care when she cried over the phone. Rather, he enjoyed it, as alleged by Spears.

As per her words, he loved to control someone as much powerful as Britney, and no matter what, she wants to get rid of that.

Referring to her financial independence, she repeatedly said that she wanted her freedom back. The fact that her father exercises relentless control over her life needs no testing. The rest rests on the legal domain, no matter what the human appeal is!

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