Can’t See Cursor In Chrome? Here’s How To Fix It

can't see cursor in chrome

Sometimes you can’t see cursor in Chrome. Many people have complained about it. Does it happen to you too? A cursor is one of the most important parts while navigating. Whether you have a touchscreen device or not, it is never good to lose the cursor, isn’t it?

When you’re using the internet for navigating purposes, having a cursor point at certain things can ease the entire process. Furthermore, it also simplifies the entire process. 

What is the main problem with mouse pointers on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular platforms. The automatic hardware acceleration can often be one of the main reasons why you’re unable to login. The hardware acceleration within Chrome is responsible for increasing the device’s speed. While touchscreen users are most likely to experience the problem, the mouse users may or may not experience it. Outdated drivers and caches in your system may be one of the main reasons why you’re having to deal with it. 

What to do when you can’t see cursor in Chrome? 

You’re trying to navigate and all of a sudden the cursor disappears. Well, if you ever find yourself in any such situation, don’t panic. Well, this is mostly because you don’t need the help of professionals to fix it. A basic knowledge about technology can ease and enhance the problem. Some of the common solutions that you can apply for overcoming this problem include:

Enable the mouse 

Not many people may focus on it but enabling the mouse can do wonders. Sometimes it may happen because you’ve disabled the cursor. You can check your chrome tab to find if the mouse is disabled. 

Switch to Chrome canary browser

Not many people are familiar with what Chrome canary browser is. The mouse pointer disappearance seems to be a huge problem for many. (xanax) However, switching to the Chrome canary browser can seem to solve a significant amount of problems. The main aim of the canary browser is to conduct chromium projects. It has the same features as Chrome browser. Nonetheless, normal users may have a tough time using this. 

Can't See Cursor In Chrome
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Chrome Canary is a browser developed specifically for the developers. If you aren’t one, you may find the platform to be exclusively unstable. While this is usually not a recommended browser, you can consider downloading it for free. The best part of Chrome Canary browser is that it is available for macOS and Windows as well. 

Just because its name is Chrome Canary, it doesn’t reflect that the platform is a stable one. You should keep a check with the cursor disappearance issues to overcome it. 

Use Google Chrome Settings

Sometimes all your answers lie in Google Chrome Settings. The option for enabling the mouse cursor is available in the Advanced Section of Google Chrome Settings. You will need to check for the hardware acceleration feature. Hardware acceleration plays an important role in enhancing the display performance. It helps to influence your devices such as trackpad, touchscreen and keyboard. However, in many cases you are likely to suffer from compatibility issues. 

If your browser’s cursor is still not functional, you should consider changing the settings. Some of the common ways to do so include the following:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on settings. 
  • Visit the advanced section. 
  • Click on system and relaunch the hardware acceleration option. If needed, you can also consider disabling the platform. 
  • Close the Chrome tab and once again restart it. You should first check if your issue is no longer there. You need to enable the hardware acceleration option to prevent any slow activity. 

Browser update

Did you ever think that this problem may be happening because you have an old browser? Maybe, it is time that you consider updating the browser. If your mouse cursor tends to disappear only in Chrome, it may be because of problems on the browser. There may be high chances that the browser has bugs that need immediate attention. 

Can't See Cursor In Chrome
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Updating the browser can be a potential option for fixing the problem. Some of the common ways through which you can update the browser and fix the problem include:

  • Visit the about section in Google Chrome. 
  • Check about the update status of the browser. 
  • If the browser is old, update it. 

Get rid of tablet mode

When you use a touch screen laptop and notice that your cursor keeps disappearing, you will need to switch to tablet mode. This is possible only if your device has Windows 10. Rather than disabling the function, you should consider enabling it. 

The modern day applications usually prevent the full-screen mode and may cause compatibility issues. However, using a tablet mode can be extremely beneficial. Tablet mode may appear attractive but it may not always be reasonable. 

The steps to get rid of the tablet mode include:

  • Visit the action center. 
  • You will come across the option of Tablet mode. Disable it. 
  • Reboot and restart the computer to see if it works. 

Consider using alternatives for browser

Since you can’t see cursor in Chrome, you may consider choosing an alternative. There are numerous browsers that can be helpful. The latest version of Microsoft Edge is one of the prime examples. The Windows OS has already started to roll out the Edge Browser

If you are a frequent Chrome user, shifting to Edge Browser will never be a problem. Nonetheless, you may encounter only one problem and that is there is no option for Google account sync. When you use the Microsoft Edge browser, you will need to rely on Microsoft account sync. Many people consider Edge to be a clone browser. However, there is still hope that you may even get a better browser than Chrome in Edge. 

Can't See Cursor In Chrome
Source: iWinGeek

Try another mouse

Sometimes the problem may lie in your hardware. So, you may consider switching the port and mouse. Changing the browser won’t be of big help if the main problem lies in your mouse. 

Final Words

If you still can’t see any major changes after applying the above methods, you should try reinstalling Chrome. All you need to do is delete and reinstall it from the Control panel. When you can’t see cursor in Chrome, you should know that it isn’t much of a problem. Basic research can help to make everything easy. 

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