Examinging 2 of the Most Important Jobs in the Technology Industry


Technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is advancing at almost immeasurable rates. Now is as good a time as any to join the digital revolution, and there are abundant reasons for doing so despite the fact that many women and men in society are afraid that automation will take over the jobs that humans perform these days. While this may be true to some extent, it just means that other opportunities will present themselves. Here are two critical careers that are worth pursuing while keeping the future in mind.

1. UI/UX Designer

What do they do? UI/UX designers work with stakeholders to lay out products and services that represent the brands that they work for. They can use their expertise to come up with a UX research plan to implement attractive and functional interfaces while keeping the end-users in mind. If you have ever gone to a website and have noticed that certain buttons are located in convenient or not-so-convenient places, there is a good chance that someone in this field helped coordinate that. These experts use different color schemes, physical configurations and time-tested methodologies to provide consumers with the most pleasant experiences possible when they deal with a business’s commodities.

How do you become one? Those with the drive and determination can join the ranks with some hard work and a little bit of luck. Although degree programs in design can lead to employment, boot camps and self-taught lessons are welcome for entry-level positions as well. A strong portfolio and grasp of key concepts can cover any gaps found in traditional schooling.

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What are the financial implications? Those in this territory can make a good living. $80,000+ per year is not out of the question for folks who have been around for a bit. Whether you freelance or put in time for a big company, the ceiling is certainly high.

2. Software Developer

What do they do? Software developers manipulate programming languages such as Python and Swift to create computer programs. Sometimes these professionals are called programmers, coders or software engineers. Despite these small shifts in nomenclature, they are generally interchangeable. From websites to smartphone apps, software developers write instructions that computers follow to a fault.

How do you become one? Many positions require a four-year degree in computer science, information technology, physics, mathematics, engineering or other related fields from an accredited college. Large corporations such as Google or Microsoft frequently demand graduate degrees when it comes to heavily technical roles. However, these days, boot camps and experience gained from personal projects are becoming more popular substitutes for formal education. Most employers just want to know that you can do the job. They don’t care where you learned the skills.

What are the financial implications? There are plenty of opportunities available for individuals who possess a wide array of technical proficiency. The field pays extremely well as employees can bring in six figures a year after taking on more senior roles.

The two occupations above generally have great prospects looking into the future. If you make the right connections, gain a mix of hard/softs skills and continue learning about technology, you will most likely be poised for success.

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