Factors for Determining the Costs of Wedding Bands in Sydney

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Every year, couples in Sydney spend a considerable amount on their lavish weddings. A big chunk of this money goes to entertainment, including wedding bands in Sydney.

Nearly 93% of couples in New South Wales prefer hiring a band, while two per cent of these people prefer specific performers for their special day. Live music throughout the ceremony can enthral your guests and create the right mood.

But, the cost is a significant determinant when choosing a wedding band. The average cost of live music goes around $1891 in Sydney, NSW. However, it may vary according to several factors. Here they are:

The Venue of the Wedding

If you want to save some dollars on your wedding expenditure, it makes sense to hire local vendors for arrangements. The same applies to the wedding band as well. When hosting your wedding in and around Sydney, you can find the best performers locally.

For example, if you are planning a destination wedding in Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, or Hunter Valley, you can easily book a band in Sydney for the ceremony. Remember, the entertainer will factor in the expenses of travelling, accommodation, and travel time when quoting their prices.

Size of the Band

Whether you need a duo, a 4-5-piece band, it can affect the overall cost of wedding music. It varies as per the mood you want to create at the event. For an elegant ceremony, you may choose a harpist and a guitarist instead of a rock band. However, if you want to create a wild party scene, you need a cover band to add steam.

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Type of Music You Want

According to the style of music you love, the cost of wedding bands in Sydney varies. Couples in Sydney are big spenders on the music of their choice.

A ballroom wedding needs a classic string quartet to accompany your waltz, foxtrot, or tango. Many reputed music bands in Sydney provide live music with DJ to set the mood because about 42% of couples like pop music and 15% prefer rock performances in the region.

It may include jazz, groove, instrumental, and background music depending on the style you prefer. The idea is to find the artist with a unique personality and create New Orleans-style music.

Duration of the Event

If the event is long, you have to pay more for the wedding band as well. Sometimes, it may depend on the time when you want music to flow around the venue. Some couples may like live music before exchanging their vows to create a perfect atmosphere.

You may also amp up the mood of celebrations between the ceremony and reception by creating an exciting musical experience for the guests. Here, the duration also includes the time needed for setting up the equipment and PA of the band or musicians.

The actual costs of a wedding band in Sydney depend on all these factors. But, it always makes more sense to create a budget before exploring your options. You can find bands in the price range from $750 to $10,000 depending on their quality, size, and experience in the industry. Also, look for any additional fees when hiring a band.

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