Healthy Eating Hacks: 6 Hacks You Should Not Miss

healthy eating hacks

Good nutrition implies that the body gets the necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins so that it functions properly. There are many healthy eating hacks. Good nutrition has a significant impact on the overall quality of your life. It is important to adhere to a balanced diet and healthy eating hacks that include eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. in the right manner.

There are many food and nutrition vloggers who share tons of delicious food recipes and healthy eating hacks. Pick Up Limes is a lifestyle channel where Sadia shares interesting videos of food, travel, and a whole lot of other videos. In a recent video, she shared some of the best healthy eating hacks. 

You Eat What Appears in Front of You 

healthy eating hacks

One of the common healthy eating hacks is that you eat what you see. This tip is for people who want to lose weight, gain weight, or the ones who are looking to make wholesome food choices. If you want to eat more fruits, keep in a place where they will be more visible, for instance, at the kitchen counter or dining table. 

You can also cut the fruit, put it in a container, and place it on your study or work desk. This goes for different things in your kitchen and pantry. If the first thing that you see when you open your panty is a chocolate pack, you are more likely to reach for it. Instead of that, swap it with healthy substitutes like dried fruits or nuts. The same things go for the fluids as well. 

Keep the Freshness for Longer Time 

Carrots and celery are excellent ingredients for sauces and dips. However, if you cut them ahead and store them fridge, you must have noticed that they lose the freshness and get slimy. A way to keep their fresher longer is to cut them up, store them in glass water and add some water. It will ensure that the veggie stays fresh and crisp for lower. 

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While cutting up veggies ahead of time, make them lose their nutrient. There are three factors that result in loss of oxygen, light, and heat. When you put them in a water container, there is no light and heat; they are only exposed to oxygen. 

Vitamin C and E are the most affected by oxygen exposure, but the rest of the nutrients stays intact. It is better to have veggies with less Vitamin C frequently as opposed to reaching for less. 

Increase the Benefit of Nut Butter

healthy eating hacks

We all enjoy nut butter; they are tasty and highly nutritious. But there is a secret ingredient that can make them even healthier. Seeds have a distinctive combination of phytonutrients and antioxidants that offer an array of benefits. 

Fill a small glass jar with peanut butter or any sort of nut butter that you like and add a few tablespoons of some seeds. You can use any seeds such as chia seeds, ground flax seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Mix the butter and seed well and store it in the fridge. You can use it as a spread on your toast or use it in oatmeal. 

Boosting Up the Smoothies 

You must be already familiar with the hack of storing Tupperware filled with smoothie ingredients in the freezer. This reduces the workload that you have to do in the morning or afternoon. All you have to do is empty the frozen ingredient in the blender, and you are good to go. 

It also a great hack to use leftover fruits. But if you have gotten into the routine of making the same kind of smoothies every day; it is time to make some changes. There are two ingredients that will be a healthy addition to your frosty drink. 

The first one is Zucchini, and before you gross-out, let us tell you that you will not be able to taste it. This is a great substitute for bananas as you get similar creaminess without the banana flavor. And the second magic ingredient is white beans that are boasted with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and protein. 

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Berry Healthy 

healthy eating hacks

While an apple contains 60 units of antioxidants, a cup of berries can provide 650 units of the same. Having a handful of berries can go a long way in keeping you healthier. You can add in smoothies, parfait oatmeal, or just chuck as snacks. 

Berries are seasons, and they can be a bit expensive as well. In winters, you can opt for frozen berries that are equally and at times, more nutritional than the regular ones. 

And if you have access to berries in summer, make sure you get a high quantity of it. you can cut it up and store in the freezer and you will be good for the winter months as well. 

Herbs and Spices 

After berries, herbs and spices are other ingredients that are super high on antioxidants. It is one of the best healthy eating hacks. You can make your food not only more delicious but more healthy by spicing it up.

According to the study, a bowl of whole wheat pasta with broccoli and tomato some has 150 units of antioxidant, but if you include one tablespoon of dried oregano that level of antioxidants boost up to 300 units. This is an evident example of how powerful and nutritious spices can be. You can use either dried spice or fresh spice both are highly beneficial. 

We are all living rushed yet sedentary life where we often overlook the importance of eating healthy. Most of the time, we just grab whatever is easily accessible to us. However, with some easy healthy eating hacks, you can make your diet more nutritious. When it comes to eating healthy, you do not have to make a whole lot of compromise. Instead, it is about getting the right approach and portion. Above, we have shared some of the best healthy eating hacks by the famous YouTube vlogger that will help you make your diet easily nutritious and healthy.

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