How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is the only channel capable of covering a wide range of engagement levels in a single action. From onboarding a new prospect to providing value through education or information, to offering an incentive that makes them convert, and improving your relationship with customers – email does it all.

It also helps that for as long as we can foresee, email is here to stay. In fact, the number of email users is only set to grow. According to Statista, there were 3.8 billion email users globally in 2018, a figure that is set to reach 4.3 billion in 2022.

That said, taking full advantage of its incredible ROI potential requires an understanding of what makes a successful email marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some ways you can improve yours today.

Increase Engagement

Use analytics to determine the behaviors you should target in order to increase reader engagement. This can include targeting cart abandoners, special offer seekers, inactive subscribers or new leads. You should then determine how to move your readers forward in the buying process.

For instance, prospects who bounce back after going to your order page can be sent testimonials to improve their trust. Experiment with send times to determine the hours that bring the most traffic to your site. You can also increase engagement by personalizing onboarding messages and allowing subscribers to choose their email preferences.

Refine Your Copy

According to Campaign Monitor, the average office worker receives 120 emails per day. To make yours stand out, you need a powerful subject line. The right subject line creates a subtle sense of urgency and explains what the reader can expect from the email. Your preheader text is just as important.

This post on Marketing Experiments details how preheader testing improves open rates by 30%. Focus on creating personalized copy that makes the reader feel like part of your organization. You can further improve your copy by using incentives to encourage feedback and clearly outlining the purpose of your call to action.

Include Dynamic Content

Utilizing dynamic content helps you leverage the power of personalized marketing. For instance, a clothing brand can send custom offers depending on the recipients’ sizes, gender and shopping habits. This also includes responsive emails that display correctly on all types of devices.

Improve Deliverability

I recommend you to use EngageBay is one of the best Hubspot alternative; it has all the features that we need for e-mail marketing. This platform helps you grow your business with intelligent, powerful email marketing. The marketing automation suite helps you save time, nurture your audience and automate routine, manual tasks. With the free CRM and sales automation, you can organize all your email contacts, track deals and the sales pipeline to grow your sales.

Even if your mailing list is composed entirely of authentic opt-ins, your messages still run the risk of being marked as spam. This results in undelivered emails and lost opportunities. ( The best way to improve email deliverability is to use a dedicated IP address. This service is included in the tools offered by Sendinblue, an email marketing tool for businesses.

It works by placing you on a whitelist of IP addresses that are trusted by your subscribers’ email services. Your messages are subsequently recognized as certified, thus giving them preferential treatment. Sendinblue is free to try and offers additional features such as automation, real-time statistics and newsletter creation.

Creating a successful email requires understanding your reader and tailoring what they receive to their preferences. Once you’ve mastered this, your email marketing campaigns will provide endless value to your business.

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