How To Improve Your Business Data With Geocoding


Looking at BatchData reviews shows how many companies use geocoding. If you’ve never thought of implementing this software, now is the time to consider the possibilities. Are you not sure where to start? Here’s a comprehensive introduction.

Who Uses Geocoding?

A wide variety of enterprises use geocoding. In fact, this software has become the standard in many industries.

Local Governments

Government agencies frequently use geocoding to learn about the local population. The following are just a few departments that rely on this software:

  • Public health
  • Education
  • Justice

Shipping Companies

Companies that transport goods for other businesses rely on geocoding to deliver products to the right place. They can also get important information that can impact delivery, such as road closures.

E-Commerce Businesses

Businesses that exclusively use the internet for commerce must ensure their packages are safely delivered to customers. Misdirected packages mean refunds and the added cost of shipping goods a second time.

How Does It Work?

Geocoders are programs that take addresses and turn them into latitude and longitude coordinates. You can then store this location data for further analysis. Why not leave addresses as they are? Unfortunately, addresses aren’t guaranteed for accuracy, but GPS coordinates precisely describe a location.

How Can Your Business Benefit?

Companies can benefit from geocoding in many ways. Having accurate, standardized location data is integral to many business functions.

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Targeting Services

Targeting your audience is crucial when developing your services, as you don’t want to devote resources to an area that won’t yield profit. With geocoded location data, you can assess the needs of a community and determine if it’s worth your while to offer services there.

Improve Marketing Strategies

Geographic location significantly impacts marketing, as different demographics respond to different advertising strategies. Geocoding ensures your data is clean so you can develop effective marketing efforts.

Manage Customer Data

Geocoded data is arranged into coordinates, which means you have two numbers no matter the location. This standardization makes it easier to filter information and keep your database organized.

Identify Geographic Patterns

Data analysis is essential for spotting important geographic patterns. Geocoded data is more accessible to analyze than regular addresses, so you’re better able to identify patterns that affect your business.

What Should You Look for in a Geocoder?

How can you find the best geocoder? First, you have to figure out your primary uses for the software. Then you can look at the reviews to determine the accuracy, data portability and price of your options.


Accuracy is the most important thing when considering a geocoder. Of course, it’s important to remember that addresses and GPS coordinates aren’t a one-to-one conversion. However, the top geocoders are as precise as possible, even given the fallibility of addresses.

Data Portability

Can you use the data produced by a geocoder in other systems? If not, the information is useless. You need a geocoder that uses data formats you can load into other software.

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Once you have the right geocoder, you can look into address verification software for real estate. These systems support each other for higher efficiency.

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