Leicester Racecourse: All you need to know

Leicester Racecourse All you need to know

Racing at Leicester Racecourse brings an extravagant bonanza, and for the right reasons. While this might refer to the jockeys having a competitive state of affairs on track, it’s a delight for punters.

Showing pinpoint accuracy regarding possible performances might not be feasible, but being on the right side of wagering is essential. For this, one needs to be equipped with all kinds of information about the race, on-track, and beyond.

Including all the other attributes surrounding the December Leicester race meeting this year, here is all one needs to know.

Leicester Racecourse Guide


Located in the east midlands, the Leicester Racecourse is at an accessible distance for folks from all around the country. Accessibility plays a great part in the assessment here.

Race Days

Leicester has about 30 race days all throughout the year, but the ones commencing around December are mostly ones pertaining to National Hunt. Either way, this serves as a delight for punters. After all, horse racing betting in any form can be enthralling, and races taking place in Leicester—all the more.

Race Map

The jump racecourse is rather uniquely crafted. While the course shares the same track with the flat races (more or less), there are a fair number of aspects that might be challenging.

For instance, the last three furlongs can be fairly perplexing, owing to its gradual uphill finish. As a result, hurdles on the track can prove to be troublesome. Having been watered during the summer, the tracks seem to be well levelled on the straights. This tends to be advantageous if the jockey plans on taking a wider route on the hurdles course.

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Betting tips: Choose the right fit

Following statistical analysis of said jockeys, trainers and owners helps inform better placement of wagers. Rather than a single set of numbers to determine the course of the race and events surrounding it, it only makes sense to keep a track record of the ones in track.

Best trainers

Trainers are an imperative aspect of jump racing. Right from managing nutrition to diet, and performing regular training exercises to see how great a particular horse is performing, trainers determine the fate of the race.

If one is planning on placing solid bets, keeping a track of the trainer becomes just as important. After all, trainers are the gatekeepers to the jockeys, who in turn determine on-course actions. On that note, here are a few trainers who have kept a tremendous record in Leicester.


TrainerRunsWinsWin %
Tom George371438
Dan Skelton421331
Nigel Twiston-Davies561221
Caroline Bailey381026
Philip Hobbs21943


Best jockeys

As the key orchestrator to any race, and National Hunts in specific, jockeys are essential in determining the course of the performance of the horse in the track. If trainers are the gatekeepers, then jockeys are the conductors.

Here are the best performing jockeys in Leicester. This should aid the average punter to make sound choices when it comes to wagers and stakes.


JockeyRunsWinWin %
Aidan Coleman471123
Richard Johnson38924
Paddy Brennan48715
Ciaran Gethings35720
A.P. Heskin22732
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The bottom line

While wagers can be placed according to one’s gut feeling and intuition, having statistical records can prove to be a boon for the average punter. Safe to state, the Leicester jump races will always be an encapsulating affair.

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