Let’s Go Green: The 3 Best Natural Jewelry Cleaner Products

Jewelry Cleaner Products

Good jewelry isn’t hard to find, but it’s certainly hard to keep. People soon forget about maintenance once the sparkle fades from their favorite necklace or ring.

Guard against looking for a replacement at the first sign of dullness. Choose a natural jewelry cleaner to bring back the brightness.

Here are three of the top natural jewelry cleaners on the market.

1. Natural Dish Detergent

There’s nothing like a common household product that saves the day when you’re in a pinch. Heading to the jewelry store for a specialized cleaner is an inconvenience that just adds more to your to-do list.

But when you can add the item to your grocery list, you’re winning. All-natural dish detergent is a great solution for getting your gemstones as good as new.

Dishwashing detergent has been proven to clean everything from rubies to sapphires as long as you use a gentle blend. Harsh cleaners can leave a gross film over your stones leaving you with more work than you started.

Consider adding your diamonds to the mix if you’ve got a stone with good clarity. Diamonds that already come cloudy are harder to restore.

To use, fill a pot with water and dishwashing detergent. Add the diamonds to the water and bring it to a very gentle boil. When you cut off the heat and the stones cool down, you can rinse the diamonds.

Set on a paper towel to let your diamonds dry completely.

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2. Organic Vegetable Oil

A lovely string of pearls can stand the test of time with very little maintenance. Unfortunately, though, pearls can’t get wet like other stones.

This sea-dwelling stone must stay dry once it reaches land. Fear not.

You can clean your pearls with organic vegetable oil to get its shine back. The oil removes dust and dullness that happens naturally over time.

Your skin has natural oils that keep dullness away. The easiest solution to keeping your pearls looking great over the long run is to simply wear your necklace or earrings as much as possible.

3. Sweet Almond Oil

Another natural jewelry cleaner to have on hand is sweet almond oil. You never want to immerse your jewelry in oil, but for porous stones oil can be lightly rubbed over the surface to bring its shine back.

I recommend Badass Jewelry to avoid needing more than one natural jewelry cleaner around, but if you own amber, opal, or turquoise use this gentle oil to restore your jewelry.

Finding Natural Jewelry Cleaner

In many cases, it is not necessary to ever own a store-bought jewelry cleaner products. Natural jewelry cleaner is available in many common household products.

Focus on better quality versions of oil and dishwashing detergent instead of cluttering your bathroom countertop with more products. You’ll notice instant results from these natural jewelry cleaners as long as you’re not too heavy-handed in your approach.

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