Mount Sinabung Volcano Flared Up, Smoke Column Reached 3 Miles Up

Sinabung Volcano

Indonesia saw a reverberating volcano flared up on Monday. It released a huge amount of ash and smoke reached over three miles to the sky. There were many villages facing rain because of that.

Mount Sinabung has been an active volcano of Indonesia since 2010 and it locates on Sumatra Island. The volcano showed few spikes in recent times and mild flare-ups during the weekend.

According to the Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center of Indonesia, the eruption caused no such injuries or deaths. The volcano might have released lava and there is work going on, on this regard. Moreover, the volcano discharged volcanic material into air in Karo, North Sumatra.

Agency advised people to be highly careful

The Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center agency advised the people who live around the volcano to be careful as there is a possibility of the lava flow. The authorities suggested the nearby villagers reside minimum 3.1 miles away from the volcanic crater.

There has been a barricade near the area of the volcano for years. The ash covered the residents living around the volcano. Moreover, the eruption sent ash over 16400 feet to the sky.

Armen Putra, an official, said that volcanic ash and grit gathered two inches in the villages which were on the slopes of the volcano. He works at the Sinabung monitoring post. There were many cars and other vehicles covered with ash.

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Motorists visiting popular destinations in  Berastagi of North Sumatra province had to light up the headlights to find a path in broad daylight due to the heavy ash flow. The destination is 12.4 miles away from the volcano.

France-Presse said that there was a second highest emergency alert around the crater’s mouth.

Indonesia’s air travel facing no problems

According to the report of the transport ministry of Indonesia, air travel was facing no such problem due to the smoke and ash. Sadly, there were 30000 residents who lost their homes in the last few years due to this Sinabung volcano.

Sinabung volcano exploded after 2016

This volcano was dormant for almost four centuries. It is one of the two volcanoes currently flaring up in Indonesia. This volcano spiked in 2010 after ages. The explosion killed two individuals back then

Sinabung volcano exploded in 2014 after 2010 killing 16 people. Seven people died in the 2016 explosion. Indonesia has over 120 active volcanos and Sinabung is one of them. Indonesia is vulnerable to seismic upheaval because it is on the Ring of Fire of Pacific. It is a curve that is encircled by the fault lines in the Pacific basin.

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