Technological Advancements in the Cricket Industry

Cricket Industry

The Cricket Industry is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Having started in the 16th century, the sport had indeed faced loads of advancements throughout the years. 

International cricket matches started in 1844 and had since become popular years after. As the sport originated from England, the Englishmen were wise enough to let other countries know about their new sport. They had developed an entertaining sport which they had no clue would be one of the most popular sports in the world one day. 

To date, there are over 2.5 billion people who are dramatically in love with the sport. Sports fans from all over the world admire it and tune in to the happenings that unveil on every match. So far, the 6 countries most attached to the sport are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. 

As the sport grew more and more popular through the years, the world also faced multiple technological advancements that not only shaped the sports industry but the entire world as well. 

Technology has not changed the way that the sport is being played. However, it paved the way for numerous changes that altered the way on how the fans view and experience the sport. Let us now take a look at several ways how technology changed the Cricket Industry for everyone. 

Watching cricket – the Cricket Industry

Way back when cricket had just started, people needed to be present in the arenas where the sports event takes place. 

As the years progressed and technology somehow came into the picture, the television provided convenience to those who wish to watch a live game. With the existence of televisions, cricket fans no longer had to be physically present in an arena in order to know the game updates. 

The advancement brought upon by television proved to be a wonderful one. It was, however, until a few years later that the internet added to the convenience that people were enjoying. 

Through the use of the internet, sports fans may now see the happenings unfold through live streams which may be accessed freely on the world wide web. If a cricket fan happens to miss out a game due to some reasons, he or she may now replay it on their smartphones or other available gadgets. 

Aside from the convenience of how the game can be seen anytime and anywhere, technology has also altered the literal way of how people see cricket games. Surely, the action that takes place inside the pitch is way too fast for the naked eye to examine. 

Gladly, the cameras now help the viewers have a closer look at the real action that takes place. Thanks to technology, fouls may now be traced from a clearer perspective and the players’ actions may now be carefully reviewed. 

An example of this is the Hot Spot. The Hot Spot requires two infrared cameras to be placed on the opposite slides of the ground above the playing field. These cameras continuously record the happenings of the game. ( Should anything needs to be reviewed on how the game went, the Hot Spot can be relied on to do the job. 

A scenario which may require the need of the Hot Spot is an appeal for LBW. With the Hot Spot, an appeal for an LBW may be cleared. With the Hot Spot imagery that technology provides, the flight of the ball can thoroughly be examined. With it, one can determine whether or not the leg of the batsman had really obstructed the path for the ball to hit the wickets. It may also help reviewers see whether the ball had hit the batsman’s pad or bat. 

Thanks to technology, these cameras may now help the umpires in making decisions about how a game really goes by. Meanwhile, it helps cricket fans watch the games more peacefully by knowing that the game is definitely being monitored accurately. 

Cricket betting 

The mere idea of getting something as a reward for the victories of your favourite teams may seem rewarding, that’s why people love to bet. The manual placing of bets endeared lots of sports fans and it continued despite countless laws which deemed it to be illegal. 

Before, sports bettors who share an immense love for cricket tend to place their bets on actual bookmakers. Bookmakers are not that many and to check various offers, one must be patient enough to visit several bookmakers to know more about better offers and payouts. Also, it demands the presence of those who wish to bet. 

Bets are needed to be given personally and the winnings, of course, need to be claimed personally as well. The odds frequently change because it’s not real-time. However, people loved it. 

Now, the internet offers a myriad of sports betting sites. Through betting sites, people may now place their wagers more safely as they create accounts of their own. Also, they may now check out various betting offers without the hassle of visiting several bookmakers. 

With online betting sites, people may also access the live betting odds cricket has which changes as the game progresses. Aside from that, the internet doesn’t require physicality as online betting may be made anytime and anywhere a bettor wishes to bet. 

The best thing about online cricket betting is that countless sites provide bettors with loads of bonuses which may be enjoyed and maximized by players. 

Getting cricket updates

People who love watching cricket matches obviously love knowing the updates about their favourite teams. Knowing updates about cricket matches were a bit difficult years back but it is now made easier through technology. 

Way back when the internet wasn’t a thing, people would wait for newspaper articles in order to know more about what they had been waiting for. If it wasn’t that, then they would tune in to radio or television news updates while waiting for the perfect timing of the cricket news to come. 

Technology had made it better as it gave people loads of cricket sites which provide a truckload of information to cricket fans all around the world. Now, every cricket update is one click away from being accessed freely by anyone who wishes to see it. Even past cricket events may also be traced back on the internet if anyone needs it. 

Playing cricket – the Cricket Industry

The way the sport was played didn’t change at all. However, technology paved a way for the fans to experience the Cricket Industry in a way that they have never felt before. Cricket fans obviously want to have a grip on the actual feeling of playing the sport first-hand. 

Through technological breakthroughs, the internet made people access some online games which allowed them to have an overview of how and what the sport really is. Many online cricket games are readily available for smartphones and other gadgets. These games don’t necessarily require that you know how to play cricket but it somehow lets you be a cricket player as you play the game. 

Not only that, but some developers also created virtual reality games which allow cricket fans to really be in a cricket field (virtually, of course). In various VR cricket games, anyone may act as a professional cricket player who gets cheered on by thousands of fans who watch the tournament in which the player is in. 

With these types of games, the players can be a part of their favourite teams and they may play with their admired athletes. As they play for their respective teams, they’ll also get to play against fierce competitors who also have their eyes on the championship trophy. 


Overall, technology has indeed changed cricket in several ways. There are more ways that technology has changed the sport as these are just some of the major changes that had occurred throughout the years. 

The world may have changed with technology but it is indeed undeniable how the possibility of a more improved future for sports — not just cricket — is yet to come. 

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