5 Innovative App Ideas You Can Start Developing Today

There were 5.47 million small businesses in the UK at the start of 2022, reports GOV.UK. Competition is steep; the market is tough. Innovative app ideas can make the difference between a small business and a successful startup.

App development gives your company an edge, and it offers a convenient way for your customers to connect with and order from you.

Even if you’re puzzled about how to create an app, the right tools are out there. Pick an innovative idea, build an app, and then spread the word.

We’re here to help you pick a mobile app idea. Here are 5 to get you started!

1. Innovative App Ideas for Personal Transport

More and more people in the UK use electronic scooters and e-bikes. These small vehicles offer affordable, eco-friendly ways to get around, but how do you fix them?

Build a mechanic service app aimed at e-transport users. As a business, you could offer a call-out service with a competitive response time. Tools like Builder.ai let you pick an app base, and then add custom features, making the process a breeze.

2. Local Culture and Language App

For overseas students, learning British English, understanding our accents, and making friends is top of their list of desires. Stand out from other apps by offering dialects and accents tailored to the student’s location.

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You could offer meetups and social media services too. Many local British people would be happy to meet friends from other cultures, and there is a lack of language apps that offer this functionality. Build an app that does!

3. Build an App for Personal Safety

Personal safety in the UK’s biggest cities is a worry, especially for newcomers to the area. A personal safety app could feature local news alerts, missing person reports, and things to watch out for as you travel.

Dangerous areas could be highlighted based on crime statistics, and a check-in system could be activated at the user’s request. Their contacts could receive an alert if they fail to check in at intervals after activating the feature.

4. Niche Diet Planning App

Food choices are vast and diverse in the UK, but many diet planning apps aim at more popular dietary options. Users could choose their preferred diet, and then customise it based on their goals. Integrated news feeds keep them in the nutritional loop.

Your app could feature a retail service paired with local supermarkets or produce stalls. You could ask chefs within that niche to share recipes to keep things fresh.

5. Gig Economy App Development

With many people feeling the pinch of rising costs, every bit of extra income helps. Culinary, hospitality, and entertainment businesses often need to find staff at short notice, and many people would love to help out for extra cash.

Build an app for the gig economy that lets users create profiles that match temporary openings nearby. In their free time, they could choose a gig opening, and then go to work for a set period. The app could help with finance, self-promotion, and freelance tax calculations.

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Build an App Today

Now you have some innovative app ideas, you can think about which will suit your business and your customers. Stand out from the other startups and boost your revenue with app development.

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