6 Delicious Christmas Gifts for kids you Can Make from Candy!

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Christmas is the most awaited festival in the whole world. Every age group- from 5 to 50 years, everyone eagerly waits for the December 25th to come. Christmas is a happy festival that is celebrated with cakes, pastries, sweets, and candies. At this festival, it is the elder people who send gifts to their beloved little ones. Little ones are very much fond of candies. You can give them any flavor of candy and measure the width of their smiles on their faces. It will make you emotional as well. On this season of Christmas, you can get varieties of Christmas gifts made of candies for the elation of the children. Sometimes, there are gifts of one specific type of candy, some other times there is multiple numbers of candies of various other designs. 

Here are 6 delicious Christmas gift ideas for the kids that you can make from candies. 

1) Candy Santa Sleigh

Santa in a Sleigh is the most monumental figure on the celebration of Christmas around the whole world. It is very easy to make a gift out of candies on this theme. All you need are- some mini Harsley chocolate bars, one medium size candy bar, standard size candy canes, Christmas Dove chocolate cares which looks like wrapped gifts and Christmas erasers along with glue guns. You need to stick the two candy canes below the medium bar. Then on the medium bar, you need to glue the smaller bars and the dove chocolate cares. In the end, stick the Christmas eraser in the middle of the two front sides of the candy canes. You can get these candies online by providing a Christmas candies list

2) Red Velvet Snowballs Food Gift

Christmas is mainly a winter festival. Besides, kids always like gifts that are very attractive to look at. This red velvet snowballs fulfill both the requirements. First, you need to make red velvet balls just as same as the way you make red velvet cakes. Now to give them the Christmas flavor, dunk them into the almond flour and dusted sugar for the upper white ‘snow’ coating. Your beloved kids can’t keep their hands of the platters from such a dish. This is an amazing idea for Christmas gift delivery to your beloved kiddos. 

3) Merry Christmas Candy Bars

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It is one of the easiest Christmas treats for gifts for your beloved little imps. These are Christmas theme wrappers that you need to stick on the chocolate bars to give a festive touch of the festival. You can search online and you will get varieties of merry Christmas cover prints in various colors and designs for the chocolate bars. All you need is to print the Christmas gift ideas on coloring papers and cut them according to the size of the candy bars. For the bars, Yu can buy the Hershey’s, Dairy Milk or even Gourmet’s chocolate bars as they are the tastiest. 

4) Santa Cake

A Santa Cake is a very easy way of making a cake with the flavors of red velvet and vanilla with dark chocolate cookies on them. As we all know about the costume that Santa wears- a red fur coat with white piping on it paired with red trousers. The full body of the cake can be of red velvet, strawberry flavor. On the white piping, you can put the vanilla creams spread uniformly. And on the button areas on the coat, but dark chocolate cookies. You can ask the online vendors to send Christmas cookies online for the décor. 

5) “Santa Kisses”

Santa has always been a remarkable character for the childhood years that was, is and will remain forever. A bearded old man in a white and red cloak-covered dress with a bag full of delicious gifts on the back gives the children the idea of joy and fun to the children. You can print small postcards with Santa’s small messages and kisses and stick them to the gifts you buy for them. You know Santa is not real, but you do not have to break your little one’s heart by saying that. So, buy his or her favorite Christmas gift candies and stick the printed post-cards on them so that they will think this is Santa’s gift to them.  

6) Candy Cane Heart Pops

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Such a creative gift will melt the little kiddos’ heart away as they receive them as the Christmas gift. Here, you need to have 4-6” lollipop sticks with mini candy canes, white chocolate and Christmas sprinkles. First, on a waxed parchment paper, you need to shape the small candy canes into heart shapes with white chocolate filling the heart and Christmas sprinkles on the white chocolate for decoration. Then you need to pre-heat the whole arrangement and your gift is ready.

Kids always love to receive unique gifts. Above are the most unique gifts of candies for them to make their Christmas a remarkable one.  

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