Save Money on Electricity With These 5 Best Outdoor Solar Lights

best outdoor solar lights

Having your own house is a great feeling, but you get that reality check when you have to pay the bills especially the ones that most fluctuate like electricity.

Americans spend an average of $110 per month for that bill alone, and of course, if you use more then you spend more. Sometimes it can even creep into the several hundreds of dollars. That not economical for anyone.

So one way you can cut down on the electricity usage is by installing things like outdoor solar lights, that way you don’t have to waste electricity by leaving the outdoor light on all night.

Here are some of the best outdoor solar lights that will help you save money.

TomCare STL01

Solar lights are some of the best of modern electrical engineering, and you see that in the TomCare lights. Although on the more expensive side, you get what you pay for.

They come with practicality and charm, with flickering torch feels and can work for up to twelve hours on a full charge. they also come with an auto on/off switch.

URPOWER 2-in-1

These are an update to their previous version, featuring six LED lights instead of four. It also has two brightness levels, which give you 8-10 hours on the low light and 4-6 on high if they have a good charge.

Like the TomCare lights, they come on automatically at dusk, but unlike the torch lights, these can be mounted on walls as well as spiked into the ground. What’s the best feature? They’re Waterproof.

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Aootek 182 Motion Sensor

The motion sensor lights from Aootek sport 128 LEDs that turn on when there’s movement around them. It can detect movement up to 26 feet away in a range of 120 degrees. the only caveat is that they should be mounted at least five feet off the ground.

The floodlights have three modes depending on your preference: Security, On, and the best one, Smart Brightness where they turn on low when the sun goes down and brighten at the sense of movement.

Agoist Solar Ground Lights

The solar ground lights from Agoist are good for lawns and flowerbeds and come with a stainless steel cap on top. You turn them on and they take care of the rest.

Their sensors will detect when it gets dark and turns the lights on, and as it gets brighter, they will turn off. They are pretty much weatherproof, but you will have to replace the battery every year or so.


Another light like the Aooteks, this light comes with three modes: highlight, dim lights, and medium-light. They are also weather-resistant, waterproof, and heat and frost resistant, great for the outdoors.

They boast the same sensory range as the Aooteks at 26-foot detection at a 120-degree angle and enter motion detection mode automatically. They can be set up almost anywhere, which is another perk.

Buying the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Your home should be your haven, but that doesn’t mean that you have to overspend to keep it that way. If you can save money with outdoor solar lights, then get the best outdoor solar lights you can. It is an investment that will have a great return.

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Light up the night and make your home safer with solar lights. It’s not just cost-effective, its safety effective.

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