ASO Trends for 2020 You Need To Know About

ASO Trends for 2020

Millions of apps and games are launched every year. In this high competition getting more downloads of an app is crucial. This is probably going to happen when you know about the ASO trends in 2020. Mobile app marketing trend is changing at a rapid pace and keeping ahead with the competitor will help. When you do an app store optimization, the visibility of the app increases that ultimately converts into the download.

Editors Choice 

When your app starts to show in the editor’s choice of the play store section, the number of downloads will increase automatically. This will only happen when you will properly optimize your app title, description, features, and screenshot. Depending on the user behavior app store started to list down the most relevant app that might be useful for the user. 

App Play Store Screenshot

The App store screenshot is worth a thousand words. After its features and reviews, the screenshot plays an important role in its download. It shows a glimpse of its user interface a user will get after the download. Try to remember an old saying “A picture is worth the thousand words.”, this is also true for the app download from the play store. It is advisable to have an easy to use interface which will be shown in the screenshot as well. 

App Localization is Important

When you promote your app locally, the download percentage will increase by up to 30%. It is a good practice to rank your app on other countries as well taking the benefit of globalization. With the addition of new languages in the mobile play store, you can optimize the app in different languages. This will increase app ranking in the organic search and improves its visibility.

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App Crashes Will Affect Its Ranking and Download

The recommendation starts to decrease when your app has a high crash rate. The play store closely monitors the app crash rate and starts to exclude from its recommendation list. User retention and app performance have a significant role in the app crash. The number of uninstalls increase if your app has a high crash rate.

Reviews are Crucial

The number of positive and negative reviews is directly related to its download and rank. Play stores have very advanced algorithms and AI that can easily detect fake and meaningless reviews. When you have an app that is useful to the consumer, they will surely share the positive reviews on the play store. 

Focus on Keyword Optimization

Research for the right keyword set for your app. Optimize the app listed in the play store with the keywords. As we all know that most of the people search apps with the keywords. Add keywords in the title, description, and feature section of the submitted app. Doing this will help your app to improve in the ranking.


Most of the latest ASO trends in 2020 are the derivatives of its predecessor, as we all know the app becomes an integral part of our daily life. We need to strictly follow the ASO trends to get the desired result from our app.

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