Belize Soccer Players Held by Armed Men in Haiti Before Match

Belize Soccer Players

Belize soccer players are recovering from a horrifying incident that took place on Monday. They continued their coaching sessions with workouts and jogging the following day, but they were terrified.

The players’ spirit is quite admirable even after the mortifying event that has hit them. The smiles are constant on their cheerful faces.

The Belize players arrived in Haiti for their qualifier of the World Cup. Unfortunately, few armed men surrounded them while going to the hotel. There was a video of the incident which has come to the public. It is indeed a disturbing instance for the Belize fans.

The team authority said that the Belize team was on their way to the hotel from the airport. They reached Haiti 3 days before the qualifier match. The armed goons stopped them at gunpoint in the middle of the road riding on their motorcycles.

Armed men order Belize Jaguars transport to pull over

The insurgents shouted out their demands to stop the team transport. They warned the team fiercely to abide by or perform something that would be more terrifying.

The video showed almost twelve men surrounding the team transport and ordering the driver to pull over. However, the four policemen escorted the Belize soccer players.

Belize team officials described that even the police had to negotiate with the insurgents to safely get the team to the hotels. Fortunately, no one got hurt during the experience.

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No confirmation on insurgents’ demands

There was no confirmation yet about the demands which the team had to meet to pass through.

The team said that no team should face that kind of mortifying experience. They felt lucky to avoid such a terrifying incident and reached the hotel unharmed.

FIFA is investigating the terrible event with Concacaf. The Belize soccer authority is confident that the association will do its best to get the team safer.

The officials said that it is very shameful that Belize Jaguars experienced this kind of trauma just before their qualifier.

Belize’s first try to qualify for 2022 world cup

Belize soccer team to play in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The match is a qualifier for the 2022 world cup for Belize. It is the first attempt of Belize to qualify for the world cup, which will be taking place in Qatar.

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