Top 10 Sports that People Place Bets on

People Place Bets on

Betting is one of the most popular ways to enthusiasts as it can help you to earn more money in less time. This is why people bet in almost everything, be it the launch of a new product or be it a sports event. In recent times, sports betting have touched its highest pic as almost all the sporting events in this world have come under betting activities. Previously people used to bet on the spot but now since everything has gone online, betting online has got very popular. Here you have to place your bet on different odds or outcomes of a game and after the result; your gain or loss is decided. Here are the top 10 sports on which People Place Bets on and betting is done throughout the world.

1. Soccer- People Place Bets on

It is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. This game offers you different odds to place your wager. The most common odd to bet on is predicting the winner of the game. But you can also bet on the player and the team to score the first goal, the man of the match, as well as the total goals, is to be scored in the game. These popular odds have made it a very popular game to bet on.

2. Cricket

It is called a gentleman’s game. But the betting industry has also grabbed this game under it. 

  • You can predict the winner of the game, but there are some more options where you can place your bet. 
  • As it is played ball by ball, you can bet on a particular bill or a particular over as what is going to happen during the over or the ball. 
  • You can predict the individual score of a batsman.
  • How many overs a bowler is going to bowl in a match can be odd for betting?

3. Basketball- People Place Bets on

Similarly to football, this game is decided by the number of goals one team is scoring by putting the ball into the basket. But unlike soccer, the goals here give you points like 2 or 3 points for goals scored from different areas of the arena. Here also people bet on the winner of the game as well as the winner of the sets. A point spread is used to bet on both the teams. You will get points on favorite and underdog teams to bet on and therefore the winning amounts will be decided based on the odd points you placed your bet on.

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4. Tennis

This game is played by a single player or by two players in combination. The coverage of the game has increased in the last few years, so there are ample opportunities for the bet enthusiasts to bet on. 

  • Here you can place your bet on your prediction of the winner of the tournament as well as the match. 
  • You can also predict the winner of individual sets during the game as well as the number of sets a game is going to last.
  • How many points a player is going to score in a particular set can be a popular bet.

5. Horse Racing

It is one of the most ancient sports in the world. In different civilizations, it is mentioned as it was a popular event to entertain the rulers. In the modern days also, it is very much popular among the people and many world-class tournaments are also organized on this. Not only is this, in many countries, but horse racing also organized to facilitate betting activities. Here you can bet on the horse you think will win the race. But people also bet on the other horses that they predict don’t have chances to win the race.

6. Volleyball

This game is played with six players in each team. Here the ball has to be sent to the opposite side of the net, in a maximum of 3 attempts before it touches the ground. This is a very popular game of different world-class events like the World Championship as well as the Olympic games.

7. Hockey

One of the most admired games in the world of sporting events. Online betting sites like Digibet sports facilitate online betting on these games. There are tournaments older than the World Hockey Championship in the world. 

  • Here you can bet on the winner of the game.
  • The number of total goals can be scored by each team or by both the teams.
  •  Currently, hockey is played in four quarters and you can bet on the number of goals that are going to be stored in a particular quarter.
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8. Golf

It is a very popular game among the rich people of the world. In this game, the player has to put the ball into a particular hole located far from the site of hitting. Along with predicting the winner of the game, you can also predict the number of shots a player is going to take to put the ball in the whole. This is how you can win over the opponents in the betting game.

9. Boxing

It is one of the most exciting fighting games. Here one player has to score points through punching the opponent in particular areas or by knocking him out. Here people select their favorite players as well as underdogs. 

  • In boxing, you can bet on the winner of the match or the points scored in a particular round. 
  • You can bet on the winner of a particular round as well.
  • On the contrary, you can also bet on the number of rounds the match is going to last.

10. Freestyle Martial Arts- People Place Bets on

It is also a fighting game, but here the players are free to fight using their hands, legs, and heads also. It is more popular than boxing and most of the bets are placed on these types of tournaments now. Here also people have their choice of favorite and underdog players and accordingly they bet on them. In these Freestyle Martial arts also, there are separate rounds. You can bet on them like the boxing game as well.

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