Best examples of e-commerce

E-commerce: best examples

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the sale of goods or services via the Internet. In other words, e-commerce (online store) is an analog of a store in a shopping center, available online. As SECLGroup reminds us, the specifics of e-commerce lie in the absence of a trading pavilion, respectively, the costs of doing business according to the e-commerce model will differ from the costs of a traditional store – there is no need to pay for premises, purchase equipment, hire cashiers, etc.

There are two common options for running an e-commerce business: selling goods from your own warehouse on your own and the so-called dropshipping, in which the goods are stored and delivered from the supplier’s warehouse. Below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this system.

E-Commerce Examples

The sphere of e-commerce is globally divided into two categories: Internet banking for online transactions and Internet marketing for company advertising. Now we will look at some interesting examples of the use of E-commerce in different business niches.

Online trading platforms

Here are e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay, which are known to most people as universal platforms with a huge range of products. However, the sites have different specifics. For example, on eBay, you can find both new products and antiques. In turn, Amazon specializes only in selling new products.

Online shopping

Nowadays, almost every business has its own website or page on social networks. When it comes to the niche of online stores, here you can find an incredible amount of goods of various categories: from the sale of decorative items to real estate.

As an example, let’s look at the Adidas sports website, where you can buy clothes and shoes for sports. In the online store, you can view sportswear for different age groups for men and women, find out the necessary information about the product or, for example, find out about the validity of new discounts.

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Streaming platforms

Streaming services are platforms that provide real-time streaming of various events. Platforms provide users with content for every taste and color: movies, match broadcasts, concerts of favorite artists, and much more. The most notorious video streaming platform is Twitch. The interactive service allows users to watch gameplay videos online.

Online banking

This is a remote banking technology. Thanks to the mobile bank, you can transfer money to another person to any bank accounts through the application on your phone. You can also pay utility bills, open deposits, or apply for a loan.

Job search websites

The HeadHunter services are the most popular platform for job search and recruitment. On such websites, users can create resumes, keep track of new vacancies, or conduct career consultations with leading experts in various fields of activity.

Online galleries

Virtual art exhibitions help artists find clients and help buyers add new works to their collections. Online platforms place works by promising authors on their websites and, together with the artist, set a price.

One of these is Art Online 24. On the site, you can find works of modern and classical art. The company was founded in 2015 by Russian top model, actress, and TV presenter Polina Askeri.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce


  • Cost reduction. Unlike an offline store, opening a website does not require renting a room and hiring a whole team of employees.
  • Increase in the target audience. In the global network, there are many tools to attract customers to the site. A properly designed advertising campaign ensures the growth of interested users in the online store.
  • Trade without intermediaries. One of the most important advantages of e-commerce is selling goods directly. Thus, costs are reduced by reducing the number of intermediaries.
  • Convenient communication. If the client wants to consult with the product manager, the user can write a personal message on the company’s page in social networks or in the online chat on the website.
  • Deep analytics. To increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, you can use services for website analytics (Google Analytics, and other data sources) or commercial pages on social networks (Sociate, Antidogs).
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  • Online communication. All communication with the client takes place in the global network. Of course, there are many convenient programs on the Internet for communicating with users, but this does not replace “live” communication. For example, a customer is going to purchase a smartphone through an online store. He can learn the nuances from the manager, but there is no way to personally ask the seller to explain the features of the chosen model.
  • Not such a great shopping experience. The purchase of a long-awaited product is an exciting moment that can be remembered for a lifetime. If a customer buys a product online, it will take some time for the product to be picked up. A long delivery time reduces the degree of pleasure from a new purchase.
  • Unable to check the product. Many businesses face this problem. Some products are quite difficult to choose from through online shopping services. You can not go far for example – buying clothes and shoes. Customers face difficulties in determining the size of clothing and checking the quality of the material.


Every year this type of commercial relationship occupies an increasing share of the market, constantly increasing the volume of goods sold, as well as connecting new areas and areas of activity. E-commerce can mean booking and fulfillment of orders, transactions through banking services, or electronic money systems.

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